Highway to heaven

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Jan Heininger and Hugh Corcoran Teleplay by: Seasons 1 to 4 have been released in Germany under the title Ein Engel auf Erden , while in the Netherlands, the first two seasons have been released on DVD. A church council decides to fire most of the staff at the school since they aren't Christian.

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Archived from the original on March 29, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jonathan tries to get Mark out of a contract selling his soul to the Devil in exchange for the life of a boy Mark accidentally ran over. A ti bum trades places with a mayoral candidate intent on making the park a parking lot.

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When the gang assures their man wins the higjway by kidnapping the old boxer, Jonathan motivates the retired actors to be the Old West heroes who inspired kids to do right, and they in turn rally the neighborhood residents to stand up to the gang and rescue the grandfather.

Three generations of arguing couples go on a road trip to find out what brought them together. A youngster turns to a comic book superhero to deal with his father's death.

It was shot almost entirely in California. A veteran of the Vietnam War welcomes the year-old girl he fathered with a native woman into his house. Jonathan and Mark are hired as bodyguards for a wealthy man with no principles and no friends. High school seniors pray for dates to the prom.

A baseball player hoping to get into the pros is injured in a motorcycle accident. Frank Birney, John Franklin. Priscilla BarnesTom Sullivan. Jonathan and Mark deal with a penal system that doesn't allow inmate mothers to see their children.

Virginia CapersBart Conner. A year-old boy genius is an outcast at college where he has a popular jock for a roommate. An errant angel is on probation for years because he's breaking the rules by spreading happiness. A tycoon tries to bridge the gap with his teenage son. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. And when necessary, he helps things along with a little angel power. A novelist and his grandson find inspiration on a small island.

Highway to Heaven (TV Series –) - IMDb

A correspondent about to be executed by revolutionaries is given another chance to make up for lost time with his family. When Mark complains that Heavsn has too much advantage as an angel, Jonathan agrees that he should be in Mark's shoes and then gets a job a policeman with no divine help.

DavisJack Ging. InMadman Entertainment acquired the rights to the series and have subsequently released all five seasons on DVD. Jonathan and Mark help a teenage cancer patient save the dolphins.

Highway to Heaven

Each episode typically begins with Jonathan and Mark arriving in a new city and assuming the identities of business employees or civil service workers. A father is met with indifference when he tries to establish a scholarship named after his son, a Vietnam soldier missing in action.

An elderly street puppeteer doesn't realize he's become an angel. A doctor is forced to confront a terrible secret when a black family plans to live next door to him.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These problems include families dealing with sick t ones; "all-around hibhway who are encouraged to find their self-worth; people coping with loss of family such as war widows; parsons who are struggling to lead their flocks; greedy businessmen being encouraged to use their wealth for good; activists who were exploiting problems, such as civil rights, for their own personal gain; local politicians being shown the true meaning of leadership, small time crooks or organized crime members being warned where they are headeddiscouraging prejudice in regard to people of different races, socioeconomic backgrounds, and disabilities.

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