A journey to planet sanity

By | 14.08.2018

We had to hear about that while they were together the entire time. Anyone who watches this movie and is upset by it has expectations of the film that are incorrectly imposed upon No offense, but this critic took this film way too seriously as a "debunking" documentary. I wish I would have known how much people really do rely on it when it is one thing. Now the movie took way longer than any of us expected because we had no ending, but it is a happy ending, a truly happy ending.

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After chatting further, Leroy revealed he had a keen interest in Alien Invaders and spent much of his hard earned money on fortune tellers. It gave everybody a little bit of hope. And there is something just stupid about people who talk about alien invaders they have seen crawl through their husbands earlobe.

You shot a lot of footage, over hours, for an minute film. People should be able to believe in whatever they want to believe in. Honestly, we do not hear many negative things about the movie at all, which is amazing. Prices seem to vary continuously. Log in with Facebook.

A Journey to Planet Sanity () - IMDb

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Why make another boring documentary that only the fan boys of these alien beliefs would see? I did want to make a movie about debunking certain things, but it was about certain exercise equipment and vitamins. And then, obviously, the crew had a tour bus.

A Journey To Planet Sanity

I'm thinking Jack Lemon and Walther Matthau go myth busting through the wild west, from LA to Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back again visiting healers, rain men and Martian translators at every port of call. Least of all Blake. There are a lot of weird fears out there. This gave him a purpose above and beyond what he had been doing for the last few years, and I saw a change in him.

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I was scared to death, but the audience gave an ovation. It was basically for LeRoy. That was a three-year process. It is obviously a movie with a generous arc with many absurd and hysterical encounters along the way. I actually was raised as a Baptist when I was in the South. We had all of those things. InDecember 21 st is happening end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar.

Laramie Movie Scope: A Journey to Planet Sanity

Freeman pointedly declines to shake the reader's hand after the procedure. See All Details and Credits. This is a guy who seeks to saniry idiocy?

What happens is most people go out and shoot a documentary in three weeks to a couple months, and then they just put a bunch of talking heads in the way, and then you pass time that way. Without giving anything away, and taking my word that I am open and embrace most beliefs and many metaphysical ideas, I have to say that the extremely good looking young brother dressed in yogi whites who reads one's future by studying a log of a person's poop while it floats in a santy of water, couldn't fool me for a second.

Journey to Planet Sanity

It was just crazy. Village Voice - Calum Marsh Dec 19, Nov 7, Rating: There is a crop circle gag, for instance, which is very funny, but not very believable. He understood color, light, and cameras.

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