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Explain step by step what you do from the moment you start the new installer as posted on the home page, just wanna see if I can find the common step that is causing the problem. It took me 15 min to find the solution. Then run the shorcut and it will work as you now have the Nclauncher.

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Got it all installed, but now it is asking for a OTP 6-digit password?? Just sokl with the other method installing the launcher with the beta installerlbade it works now.

Well i hope your right but no i uninstalled everything from Control Panel and i have checked left overs in program files x86 and no BNS related files are there so i did clean install too. I guess it was just a copy paste to make the splash images at last second. Does anyone know, if there's a difference between the CBT and the release client launcher?


Light Theme Dark Theme. Current client shows that early start available for disciple and master founder packs only. Log in or sign up in seconds.

This step may require a reboot if you have messed with things. I might have finally gotten it resolved, I don't know how but it seems like it's downloading. Has this changed what is showing on the website which has been advertising that all founder pack has a head start. Clirnt are down to the 11th for name reserve for the founders then game server comes up the 15th to go live. Link to Clienr Client.

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Every time I try to launch the client, it gives me a System Message - "Please launch the game through the launcher. Or use this link: Under programs and features remove any NC Launcher program you may have. Edited January sol, by Soragami. Does that means WE must put our 6 digit password?

Does anyone now, if there's a difference between the CBT and the release client launcher? After that the client closes.

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It installed the launcher again. Shutting down the game client. Certain registry values are left in your system and that prevents the new installer from installing the nc launcher. Install the release client you downloaded. Did you click the Launcher Shortcut?

Thats not an Error, its just letting you know IF any error occurs, Basically it wants you to b,ade the box to help them with any issues that may come about. Criticism is allowed, but do so in a decent manner. Aoul downloaded BNS client and after that it tells me to put a 6 digit password. This is incorrect I just installed the new client off a fresh reformat of my Rig and it went flawlessly.

If you're having NC Launcher errors check my post here. Major fail on their part with all this mess, jesus, now i have to download the cbt just to be able to have their nclauncher.

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Humm guys yeah you are right. September 28th-Oct 12th Current Ladder Season: The new installer don t have the launcher, it s suck I think this is more related to some left over file from the beta client or some other directory issue.

Dont delete NCWest folder it s the launcher! Yeah, it redirected me to the founders pack shop and I was confused too, I didn't realize it until after I had clicked on a direct download link posted here.

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