Dr john locked down

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The fingerpopping horn chart that announces "Revolution," is underscored by a fat baritone sax, an urgent, shake-your-ass bassline, and pulsing guitars. Dan Auerbach on Dr. John Locked Down Review Album. Locked Down " , Rolling Stone , December 15,

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That feel is underscored in the nocturnal shift joh shimmer of "My Children, My Angels," driven by Rebennack 's Rhodes, guitars, and a skittering snare. Black Keys fans coming to this record have a few "a-ha" moments in store when they realise where some of Auerbach's stylings have come from. I wanted the kick drum to be modern jon hit like a hip-hop record, but just be kind of natural-sounding. You can hear the not-so-distant call of West Africa on "Ice Age", as retuned guitars and drums kick off a loose funk.

Locked Down

Sexy Trippy All Moods. That was first take. Locked Down — review". But the vibes here aren't swampy gris-gris.

Wildworks theatre company are calling all tribes. So rather than review it and raise further questions about my razor-thin credibility, I decided to pull Dan aside during a recent outing in NYC and have him break it down for us track-by-track. Ethiopian funk Mulatu Astatke. I was definitely thinking Lonnie Mack … some old soul songs, some gospel.

Jon the Tate has a thirst for Hirst. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Best of all, Auerbach is interested neither in providing pastiches of Dr.

Max the drummer had on headphones listening real intently. A big Tate Modern show for the world's richest artist may seem unnecessary, but Damien Hirst has put British art on the map.

Dr John: Locked Down – review | Music | The Guardian

You convinced him to play more electric stuff on the album, right? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Locker last thing Dr John needed, you might have thought, was a leg up from a young whippersnapper from Ohio. Find out more about page archiving.

Find out more about our use of this data. Throughout the album the backing vocals of the McCrary Sisters add sultry emphasis, while Auerbach's virtuoso session band chip in with their own handclaps and affirmations. Let me start by saying Dr.

Dr John: Locked Down – review

We just really liked d. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the former heroin addict re-emerged from the floodwaters as the vengeful spirit and nagging conscience of America's least American city. Gurley and Gagarin were both known for their hard landings. Rick Saunders April 7, What would we do without WRCR to bring us all this cool stuff?

BBC - Music - Review of Dr. John - Locked Down

Great write up, Dr. What song did you sample up front and at the end? Hollywood Be Thy Name If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page. Yeah, I wanted him to play Wurly, Farfisa.

Ever since New Orleans session musician Mac Rebennack began layering the feathers, trinkets, animal pelts and other jonn of the shaman-bard in the shis place in American musical history has been locked down.

He came to prominence in the late s when his combination of jazz, blues, soul and psychedelic voodoo hit a chord with a crazed America.

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