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Frutiger is a contemporary and flexible sans serif font, which was designed to be clear and easy to read at a distance and in small sizes. Best free alternatives to Frutiger [closed]. These could be attributed to foundry differences in some cases. Skip to main content.

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Arial regular is used for main titles and body copy.

11 Free frutiger, black, normal fonts - FontSpace

I don't think that's Helvetica Nue, but I agree about purchasing Frutiger. These weights, as set out in the guide below, are appropriate for the majority of offline applications. It is a very widely available typeface that all users should have easy access to.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. There are few quality sans serif free fonts. Ideal for body copy.

These fonts should be used for all NHS communications. Frutiger Light is used for supporting information. Frutiger Bold is used for the main titles.

To do this, the language needs of our local communities need to be taken into consideration and frtuiger will be occasions when foreign language fonts are required. Skip to main content. Frutiger Roman is used for the title copy.

Download The Frutiger Black Font

Best free alternatives to Frutiger [closed]. Scott k 14 However, as others have noted, this isn't Frutiger or Helvetica. The title is in Frutiger Roman to give a light, accessible look.

Helvetica Neue is exceptionally close. The T and the S are dead giveaways frutier that. Yea, definitely very close. In both cases a hierarchy is created between different areas using different weights and sizes. Frutiger Roman is used for all other copy to give contrast.

These sample internal signs further demonstrate how clear Frutiger is when it is used to convey simple, directional information. If the title was in Frutiger Bold at the size shown, this would overwhelm the image and produce a much heavier look.


Looks to be Helvetica Neue to me though. Also it's not neue haas unica it is definitely an extended width.

Download free Frutiger Bold font |

Some free, wide-ish free fonts that are somewhat close: I think it is Trade Gothic Bold Extended. These could be attributed to foundry differences in some cases.

Use a font that is clear and uncomplicated ensuring that it meets accessibility requirements. Possibly JohnManly -- But it's absolutely not Frutiger.

Frutiger Bold font

Frutiger 56 Roman Italic: Brian Barrus 76 3. The following examples show the desktop and mobile layouts of a responsive website. Remember that a text is more legible if it is:

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