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The icon next to the User Name indicates the Online Status of these users. The Text Box near the bottom of the main Actionvoip window allows you to call directly by entering their User Name or phone number and pressing enter. The best way to ensure high quality sound is to have a headset on both ends of the conversation. Actionvoip has a built-in echo canceller which detects and reduces echo during calls. With the Actionvoip always running, other users will be more likely to find you online.

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It is quite hard to determine this and in most of cases there altest little than can be done. Avoiding background noise Actionvoip has a built-in noise canceller which helps reduce the level of background noise. We recommend a low level volume to reduce the chance of the microphone picking up any noise from loudspeakers and therefore creating echo. You may have incorrect sound mixer settings.

Actionvoip has a built-in noise canceller which helps reduce the level versiom background noise. Due to the way such firewalls are designed, blocking usually occurs after you have upgraded Actionvoip.

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It is advised to close all file sharing applications before calling. Built-in microphones in computers and webcams are more prone to picking up background noise. This could be caused by both issues affecting you or the person you're calling. The first time you start the Actionvoip, you will be asked to choose a User Name and password. Echo cancellation works latesg in low background noise environments.

Software configuration

Enable automated volume control. The Dial pad Tab shows you avtion graphic representation of the buttons you find on any ordinary phone, and they work accordingly.

Ongoing echo problems may be caused by: A headset reduces the level of acoustic echo that reaches the microphone. The User Name and password fields are required in order to use the Actionvoip.

Check our frequently asked questions.

ActionVoip frugal living apk

If you want to use your own preferred SIP device, but also want to profit from the great Actionvoip offers, you can click here for information about setting up your SIP device with Actionvoip.

However, in order to take advantage of all of the advanced features of the Actionvoip and to experience the best sound quality possible, we highly recommend the following configuration.

If using Actionvoip within a corporate network, one-way sound may be caused because someone else in the network is affecting internet connectivity. For all other calls, you will be asked to buy credits first.

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However, please do not use the double zero as international dialing prefix when this is not the way you make normal international calls. Use the dialpad to make a call just like you do on a regular phone. Double-click the installation file you just downloaded to start installing the Actionvoip on your computer.

Use Actionvoip for Mobile Calls! Note that voice quality is affected layest the equipment on both sides of the conversation.

Other people affecting the network: In order to use the software, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements. If this is the case, use the one that is normal for your country A few examples of countries with a different international dialing prefix: Bad sound device settings: To download the Actionvoip to your computer, simply click the download link.

Username Password Remember Me. For a call to any regular phone, enter the desired number in the textbox and click the dial-button.

We are constantly upgrading our software. Both parties in the call need to check their device settings and verify they can hear other sounds made by their computers.

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