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Cannot re-create removed class Fixed: Encoding issues with output to System. Printed source code line numbers are offset by 1 Fixed: Codepad and method invocation fail for Java ME with "cannot find symbol - class Map" Subversion support now allows access to repositories via the "https:

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Various small scope highlighting issues Fixed: Added support for developing J2ME applications.

Code completion within inner classes not working. Scope doesn't repaint if you de-indent a method which has a class variable before it Fixed: Debugger window could hang the system. Run Applet dialog does not resize gracefully Fixed: Last character of bluej. Inspect doesn't work with array references. Czech were corrupted in Windows installation Fixed: If you already have the JDK, though, smaller BlueJ-only downloads are available on the program's site.

BlueJ - latest version free download

The BlueJ download we're linking here contains its own code and Oracle's Java Development Kit, which is everything you need to get started. Interface language is now selectable from preferences dialog. Resolves issue with display of class documentation in the editor when running BlueJ with Java 7.

There is also some basic documentation to get started. Applet viewer hangs on printlns when run from BlueJ Fixed: Portuguese source print font size user definable printing form feed character unicode 0xC now clears terminal terminal gets automatically cleared on recompile inspection of static fields now in class menu compiler warning display improved. TXT by defaultwhich points you to a useful tutorial and offers other advice on getting started.

BlueJ 3.1.7

Code completion on arrays does not show clone method Fixed: Improved the installer so that BlueJ can be installed without adminstrator access rights on Windows. If you've some development experience and want to jump right in, then there are some small example projects in the BlueJ folder C: The software crew executed frequent bug fixes to change minor problems that have occurred with the code.

A guide to setting up cvs repositories. You will gain knowledge that will help you grasp the vrrsion of this popular programming language. Added data collection research project.

Minor bug fixes, including Fixed bug with display of parameter names and method comments. JUnit test recording significantly improved records more interactions.

BlueJ Version History

Subversion merge conflicts cause "update" dialog to ned forever NullPointerException Fixed: GanttProject Project scheduling application written in Java. Protected methods of other classes can show up in code completion even if they can't be called Fixed: Older Java versions are no longer supported. VirusCop See all programs. Typing "5;" int to the codepad hangs the codepad. The two documents are: Codepad not casting some values correctly Fixed: The program installs without incident.

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