Borderlands modded weapons

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Explosive X4 High Fire Rate 1. Just a tap of the trigger gives a burst of death, and with 69 in the mag you almost always have something left. Stock None None 0 0 0. You don't want a lvl requirement. It has the damage of comparably modded Ogres, the accuracy at the low end of the sniper range, the fire rate at the high end of the SMG range, and 4x explosive elemental power.

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Feel free to mess around with the code to make it better, but this is as good as I could get it. Hornet Corrosive gives the gun X3 corrosive and 2 shot burst so dmg jumps to Wrath in the title boosts bodrerlands and adds 1 level of elemental The Dove barrel gives the gun unlimited ammo, but unlike other ammo regen, you never reload.

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Borderlands Modded Weapons

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. That shit takes too long and has no storyline to it anyway.

The Wrath in the title adds 4 to the tech level which gives it X3 elemental This seems the perfect balance for this gun. Now, I have modved weapons.

Think of this as a long range shot gun that ignores shields and resistances. Save you don't need to edit something in Willowtree 3. Now it must look like Extremly weaponx elemental damage. HX Shredder Shredder Damage: Stock None None -1 0 0. In the never ending pursuit of a near SMG fire rate revolver, I came up with several variations of the madjack.

Unfortunately the small grenades do no damage and do not proc. Defiler with ammo regenerate. Click here to edit contents of this page. Hybrid Weapons "Hall of Fame" Patch 1. Hex editing is reserved wea;ons increasing your weapon's level to 81 for equipped weapons only.

Best with Roland's Shock Trooper class mod. Once again recommended for Roland.

Elemental almost always procs. Stock Grenade DMG - The damage will always display as 0 but when used this will 1 hit any enemy aside from Crawmerax the "Invincible," or any boss that has critical hit points. Stats are based on a Lvl 70, 6 rounds in a clip, and ammo WILL be regenerated by the time clip is fired! Create account or Sign in. Each time you use this item you will replenish a small portion of all ammo types.

Scorpio/Stock Weapons & Items Codes - Borderlands Modding Resource

Each time you use it your character will max out the amount of cash money. Masterlum For more weapons from my inventory and to see my whole collection visit [ http: An unconfirmed description of this gun states it shoots mini grenades that explode on contact.

Atlas None None 0 5 0 Also kills those annoying craw maggots super fast. Explosive X4 High Fire Rate 1. SandSMunitions None None 0 5 0 Create account or Sign in.

With the high fire rate it's a great gun for when your in the thick of it. Lastly, these codes can be found throughout moded Hall Of Fame pages as well, however this page is the culmination of all those items and weapons, whether it be a maxed out stock weapon or unlimited cash you'll find it conveniently posted below.

Also must be hex edited to level requirement.

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