Gtalk invisible mode

By | 04.08.2018

Hello,i want to know the persons who are online but they kept there status as invisible. Note that feature is only available in the new version of Gmail , supported in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. And this Gmail function needs a serious fix. If I do not want to be disturbed by anyone else but I still want to chat with one particular person, what would you suggest, Mr. Apex Launcher developer admits defeat, tries to roll back app to v3 48 minutes ago.

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How to Set Invisible Mode in Gtalk or Gmail Chat - Tech Packets

Anonymous May 26, at 8: Parijat June 15, at 3: Andre February 26, at 3: Note that feature is only available in the new version of Gmailsupported in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. Off topic but might help someone who finds my earlier query: Clark Lee April 26, at 9: It is by going to the Chat options by clicking beside your profile icon, and you would see an option "Invisible". I think invisible is a great feature.

I was wondering if we could get the reciprocal of selective invisible instead. Which among these 4 would you prefer to use?

And this Gmail function needs a serious fix. But, if the user is offline, then you will get an error message indicating that the user is offline as shown in the below snapshot.

How to Set Invisible Mode in Gtalk or Gmail Chat

Jeff Vachon June 28, at 3: Sean, I'm leaving this assigned to you since this seems to be a specific Google Talk request, feel free to reassign it to me if you think this should be a generic XMPP invisibility request instead. It lacks the notifications features which the regular Google Talk Desktop Client provides, but this is great for accessing chat quickly on computers which do not have the desktop client installed.

Yes, I agree with some people above me. The ggalk list of Google Easter eggs.

I have written something on this on my blog. It would be like saying: Invisible was what killed it. Anonymous January 11, at Anonymous November 24, at 8: The only time my friends use google talk or chat is if their company disable all the chat platform. You too can operate gtalk, facebook, hotmail, and various other emails and social networks with this softare.

Lastly, even if support for invisibility were implemented according to spec it likely would not work for Google Talk. Sometimes you may want to make it obvious you are online e.

Firefox 2 really sucks, and IE7 is even worse than IE6 was. Even if I don't respond, they babble, and I'm still forced to play whack-a-mole with chat windows because I can't see the email I'm trying to type!

How many people will be using invisible mode to chat to their lovers so their significant other doesn't know, I wonder? lnvisible

Easy solution when google talk-google chat invisible mode is not working

Everyone who is upset about this needs to understand that far from being a refuge for scoundrels, cuckolds and jezebels, this is a boon to over-worked people who still like to see how their friends are doing, even if they can't engage them in conversation right. What I think Google should change, though, is to have inviible on more browsers. I don't have to disappoint or hurt someone chatty just because I had the selfish gall to check my email. Sandy November 20, at 7: Why cant you guys add the features to Google Talk???

If any one wants to be Invisible, then let the person be invisible.

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