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I essentially paid for nothing. On the whole, it's more than worthy of your interest. Amplitude Studios Release Date: The developers have tried to innovate which results in some interesting new mechanics and some more quirky than necessary. After getting an update on your hero, an enemy approaches and its time for a space battle.

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Amplitude Studios Genre s: Hover your mouse over just about anything and you're presented with an explanation of what it is and a breakdown of why it's edless that way. Endless Space 2 PC.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. Endless Space 2 offers hundreds of ways to play, an interesting player-driven narrative experience, and above all the addictive turn-based gameplay we've grown wpace love.

Endless Space is a relentlessly difficult sci-fi strategy game, challenging your intelligence at every turn. In multiplayer it's different, although there games take so long that many matches end up abandoned by all but the early leader.

Endless Space for PC Reviews - Metacritic

Playing as one of eight races or building your own by pick-and-mixing attributesthe choices are good old-fashioned warfare, an economic victory, a scientific victory, an expansion victory or spwce rather odd 'Supremacy' victory of taking over the other races' homeworlds. If you're all about space battles, it doesn't quite deliver. In the higher difficulties the AI have unfair advantages as usual but it offers a nice challenge.

Whoever has the most ships wins in almost all cases.

Endless Space

This is a very fun game. On the whole, it's more than worthy of your interest. Our Verdict A space strategy game that streamlines empire-building better than any other. In fact, the four 'X's stand for the classic principles that underpin this particular offshoot of the genre: Endlesx is supported by developers with a endlless record for listening to its community and inviting feedback games2gether platform.

I have spent dozens of hours playing and attempting to remedy this issue to no avail. Once you engage an enemy fleet with one of your own, your fleet attacks on its own.

I've got a galaxy that's waiting to be conquered, one more time.

We recommend By Zergnet. I have never felt so cheated by a developer, and will never purchase another game from Amplitude again.

One flaw is the enemy AI. The gameplay is similar to 4x space strategy game: We take you to an audio-filled ride on the game soundtracks that made this year great. Endless Space is smart, polished and intelligent game of countless permutations. This is how it swallows your time, your minutes, your hours. The combat disappoints and the AI could use some improvement, but Amplitude is known for its expansions and improvements.

My biggest flaw would be the combat, by far the weakest point in Amplitude games. I like this game but it's buggy and unstable. Among the novelties there is a new political system which is essential to manage to get powerful wide policy. Adjusting my rating to 9 because the developers have since patched most of the game-breaking stuff.

Learn how to exterminate your enemies in this exclusive Endless Space 2 gameplay trailer. Should I have to be surprised about the AI in an era when we get dumber and dumber Ais in 4x strategies, but hey they are much smaller company so I'm not expecting miracles. All in all a must have for strategy enthusiasts … Expand. Enldess the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. The more your empire expands, the more your populace becomes unhappy.

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