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This sheath is produced by Schwann cells, a type of supporting cell for the nervous system. Nuclei can be found around the cell periphery. There are three types of muscle: Connective tissues function to bind other tissues together, provide support, provide nourishment, store wastes, or repair damaged tissues.

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When signaled to contract, all the fibers in a particular bundle contract. Many axons are enclosed plt an insulating, lipid layer called a myelin sheath. Nuclei can be found around the cell periphery.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. It functions to bind epithelia to underlying tissues. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Published by David Flowers Modified over 3 years ago.

Animal Tissues.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Cardiac muscle fibers are composed of a number of cardiac cells. It is often ciliated arrows.

Levels of organization in the vertebrate body. anima

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Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to all the cells of the body. Each fiber runs the entire length of the muscle. This tissue is usually associated with secretion or absorption and is most often found lining the digestive tract. Epithelial tissues play roles in absorption, secretion, and protection against foreign substances.

The spinal cord and brain are the central nervous system. Neurons, also called nerve cells, are the functional unit of nervous tissues. Tissues Tissues — group of similar cell types that perform a common function The human body has four basic types of tissue: Adjacent muscle cells are held together by intercalated disk.

The human body primary tissues: The section shown here is from an amphibian. The striations are due to the arrangement of myosin and actin filaments, along the length of the fiber. The number and size of the bundles involved determines the strength of the contraction.

The human body has several levels.

Animal Tissues. - ppt download

Because of these connections, impulses spread quickly through the muscular walls of each chamber. Epithelial tissue Simple single layer cuboidal cube shape Simple columnar single layer of column shape.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Download ppt "Animal Tissues. The cells are branched and usually contain only one nucleus.

Levels of biological organization cells tissues organs organ system. Nerves carry sensory impulses to the brain and transmit motor responses from the brain to tidsue organs.

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This liquid matrix is made up of water, salts, nutrients and an assortment of dissolved proteins. In humans, combinations of different types of tissues make up organs, and groups of organs work together to form organ systems. It lines the walls of kidney tubules.

Skeletal muscle is attached to bone and is responsible for voluntary movement. Registration Forgot your password?

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