Asus wl-520gc firmware

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Configure your PC with a static IP address between This makes me think that it hasn't forgotten the config that was last on it. More stable, but eventually hangs.

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Actually, it works so good that I don't care about the fact that it doesn't support USB connection and has limited list of supported devices. asux

How to firmware the router ASUS WLgU or how to safe an old friend | RTFM

All I needed is a standard firmware update via browser. There I got a 2. The firmmware connection was 50 Mbps and wireless - Mbps. Could it still be holding a lease? But that is a big difference in RAM.

I would highly recommend it firmmware of the high performance and functionality. The hardware is similar to that of the WLGPv2, and the information there is relevant to this unit too.

ASUS WL-520gu

Now it has been sitting unpowered in a box for over a year, and I'd like to power it back on. In addition, there were some disadvantages to compare with the previous firmware Oleg Custom.

Configure your PC with a static IP address between As of r May 12, some broken ehci code in brcm47xx targets was fixed - essentially openwrt was brought back into sync with the linux 2.

I'll first try the assumption that dd-wrt is running on it. One option is to use the 2. However, I decided to test more firmwares.

Asus WL-520GC Firmware Upgrade

Firstly, the interface of the factory firmwares was inconvenient. Secondly, there were no additional USB features. The firmware process firmwae the following steps: I was going to do this just for an experiment. And I was surprised with the results! Beginning with the router powered off, press and hold the reset button while powering the router on. It was fairly enough for me since I mostly used wired connection to the internet. It appears that it is possible but requires a special dance as described here: It is using the IP address that my dhcp server last issued it.

It takes not much time - about min. Downgarded to the 2.

WLGC | ASUS Global

Well, as I expected both firmwares performed almost the same as Oleg Custom. I need to get dd-wrt on there. Kernel support for the radio is broken when using the 2.

To use an external USB storage device, for example, enable the following configuration options: You accidentally run 'ipkg upgrade' or filled up the flash by installing to big packages clean the JFFS2 partition and start over. Pin 1 white bar on silkscreen: In average, the wired and wireless connection performed 50 Mbps and 12 Mbps, accordingly. The following firmwares were chosen for the testing: As I wondered if the ASUS company had found any bugs firmsare fixed them or if the performance had been improved.

That required a trip to here: I'm not sure if I have dd-wrt on this router or not.

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