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Surf the Web and customize your browsing experience. Retrieved 18 September Things have not changed much since we first reviewed Pale Moon in comparison with Firefox. This is a development release focusing on performance, bugfixes and security.

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Overall, using Waterfox is basically just like using Firefox ESR and changing a few settings…with one big difference: The makers of Pale Moon browser have left out some parts of the original Firefox code to remove extra features that people seldom use.

It made a name for itself by being a bit browser based on the Mozilla Firefox code when Mozilla only offered bit versions.

Make sure to get the most out of your browser! You'll also be able to use most of the program's features and options, though some of them — such as accessibility options and parental controls — have had to be sacrificed in order to use less memory.

Pale Moon and Start. Pale Moon 26 running on Windows But I am not yet ready to replace Firefox with Pale Moon browser.

Pale Moon (web browser)

Comparison lightweight History List for Unix Usage share. Windows 7 or laterLinux unofficial build for macOS [3] and contributed builds for various platforms [4]. In the future, this will only get more complicated as the Waterfox developers try to make their own browser. As mentioned earlier, speed is good — probably because there are lesser extensions.

It can provide its own updates as any mainstream browser does. The icon is three bold lines. We thought of going back and checking how the Pale Moon browser still compares to Firefox, especially as the first comparison was done a while back.

This major update is focused on performance, security and some regression and bug fixes. Pale Moon is an interesting Firefox-based browser that promises higher speed and an optimized usage of system resources. You may also be kept up to date by following the Twitter feed page by clicking the social media icon top-right of this page. Version 26 is rounded off with numerous security updates, including support for bit Camellia-GCM ciphers, a new advanced, active XSS filter and the removal of several "hazardous" modules including the maintenance service and identity module.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Firefox Forks Like Waterfox, Pale Moon, or Basilisk

Reviews Current version All versions. Broweer is built around Firefox technology and has We like Firefox Quantumwhich is faster and more modern than previous releases of Brower.

Open Source and Freeware This browser is released brosser a community project to aim for open, collaborative development of a full-featured web browseras much designed by the user as it is by our development team. For example, when you buy Windows, you get a Narrator or a Magnifier. Straver has downplayed the role of benchmark testsstating that they "can't be used to draw hard or regularly even any conclusions.

In other words, it provides you with popular sites hyperlinked to the start page so that you can navigate using a single click instead of typing in entire URL in the address bar.

Pale Moon (web browser) - Wikipedia

Pale Moon browser is built upon Firefox by removing unnecessary features and by tweaking certain parts of Mozilla code for better speed. The base code of Pale Moon has shifted from that broaser Firefox to a significant extent. Basilisk is a new browser from the creator of Pale Moon. It disables Pocket by default, but you can disable Pocket yourself in Firefox. Other options for supporting Pale Moon are available too!

It is a global identifier for the program. Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy. InPale Moon was a bit slower than Firefox in the ClubCompy Real-World Benchmark, with the browsers respectively scoring 8, and 9, points out of a possible 50, Firefox add-ons and themes are also compatible with Pale Moon. More problems surface with the buggy Windows 10 October Update Comments. Television and video game console Gecko -based Kylo.

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