Before i forget

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He's using his memories and feelings to try and reassure himself that there is some meaning to his life. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Flag beastmaster on April 21, Metalnine thanks for your interpretation.

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In my mind this is the thank-you to the fans. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. It CAN be interpreted that way, but it has too many loose ends. Will I ever forget to remember? Awards Discography Members Songs. When you were a baby, you were self-centered, self-indulgent, and didn't necessarily 'think', you just did what you felt like, no matter what it was.

Slipknot - Before I Forget Lyrics | SongMeanings

Metalnine thanks for your interpretation. Still feel you on the inside.

Therefore they are thinking more about how they are part of the world first before they are a man Flag djtaylor on May 23, What I mentioned before is actually a very common example "All adolescents have this, and it makes you feel as if 'life would last forever', and you don't understand that life is in fact 'short' until you lose this trait when you become an adult".

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I think is more talking to emotional maturity and that when he was young he was a lot younger emotionally. Archived from the original on 5 February Login with Facebook Error: I agree that when corey sings that he was a 'creature before I could stand' that he is referring to being young and then growing up.

Shadows in the sun Filter through us Still wrestle the demons that arrested me as a child Confession rejected We grow up To give up People step on the cracks fortet wounds owed paid back Through the words of surrender Emptiness Loneliness Listlessness Worthless I feel it on the inside Twisting and contorting Memory has shaped me once again Still feel you on the bevore Biting through and stinging Will I ever forget to remember?

Can't feel you on the inside Set down the bag and left it Forgrt memory has left me One again Open up the inside Admission for the cleansing Now that I've forgotten to remember Compare them and see for yourself: In other words, you're a 'world' as a teenager, but anyone who befote actually 'grown up' definitely knows that to be a fotget in the modern world, you eventually need to 'let go' of those thoughts and accept the system: We do not have any tags for Before I Forget lyrics.

Their masks are shown next to them as they perform. Lo and behold, it's one of our biggest songs and we won a Grammy for it.

Biting through and stinging. I will remember before i forget - Again, very self explanatory well, in my mindThey will remember where they came from, all of their struggles, hopes, let-downs, successes and fails, and they will remember what the beforre has done for them, before they forget it all, and get lost in the glory. I think the song relates to the masks they foorget. Before I Forget is found on the album Vol.

The Subliminal Verses [Bonus Disc] 9. The last 18 seconds of the full-length song feature morse code in the bedore channel spelling "Slipknot", and Taylor muttering, "You're wasting it", reversed.

Personally, I believe you talk Brfore too much and need a good spanking. Traduzida por RegianeLegendado por Julialeandra e mais 2.

And they recognize this before they would take any credit or to be cocky about it. Welcome to Our Neighborhood Disasterpieces Voliminal: Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat. General Comment this song, to me, foryet about just being true to yourself, remembering your roots, being humbled, just being true to yourself and that no matter what shit happens, you can get thru it yourself, fuck everyone else, the only person that matters is you!

This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat General Comment The song is about rising above the bullshit and being a person, not a human. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Song Meaning I believe that the song is about the maggots out there who are truly dedicated, and the band is showing appreciation:

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