Black sabbath hand of doom

By | 12.10.2018

Login with Facebook Error: This version is almost totally about heroin; but talks about "colors in your mind", which doesn't match. We'll have things fixed soon. Lyrics submitted by spolojack. There was an error.

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Black Sabbath - Hand Of Doom Lyrics | SongMeanings

And they were telling me that to get through the horrors of Vietnam they were turning to drugs over there, which, you know, was never broadcast on TV or anything like that back then. We played at an American army base in Germany and it was sort of a half-way house for soldiers coming back from Vietnam.

General Comment I believe its about a veteran of war escaping his pain by taking drugs. Add your thoughts 28 Comments.

Personally i think its about drug use and how it helps take you to a different place before it catches up to you and it kills you. Hand Of Doom song meanings. The live version contains other acid related lyrics like " Colors in your mind! Ozzy claims that there is no sabbagh from such drug abuse and it only progresses into something that will eventually lead to death.

General Comment This is about drugs, the majority kf those which are needle based herion springs to mind. Many returned with this addiction, and suddenly a demand for heroin in the United States was created.

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They removed part of the lyrics but it still conveys the original message. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

In the second verse, Vietnam is referred to.

Also, about how the Vietnam veterans would have had access to heroin because they were in Asia Time's caught up with dooj Now, you wait your turn You know there's no return Change your empty rules!

Is it just me, or is this sort of like Black Sabbath's equivalent of that?

Turn to somethin' new! Now, you're gonna die! General Comment a good song It was kinda the "Black Sabbath" for heroin. Face Death's sickly sabbat There was an error. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Verified Artists All Hajd Black Sabbath — Hand Of Doom. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Your mind is full of pleasure Your body's looking ill To you, it's shallow leisure So drop the acid pill Don't stop to think now!

This is most likely referring to the many American soldiers fighting in Vietnam who became addicted to the readily available heroin and raw opium.

General Comment this is clearly an anti-herion sabhath, talking about how seductive and powerful drugs are and how they will kill you in the end.

User does not exist. I meant that hannd for the whole thread; but couldn't figure out how to delete it, so I could re-post it. This version doesn't make as much sense as the alternate lyrics on the "Past Lives" version. The light bass that opens the song sets a tone of impending doom.

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