Bricklaying method statement

By | 15.10.2018

Block Product Brick Product. Step 13 — Bond Beam Construction. While casting the foundation and floor slab, it is crucial that the finishing floor is levelled. A telescopic forklift If Available or required vehicle will be used to transport and place materials onto loading platforms. The works will be supervised by Training:

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Method Statements

The Supervisor will have a mobile phone available to summon assistance. To lay the first course statekent bricks, should the wall not be of a modular size following the sizes of the bricks, start laying the first brick from the far side of the wall and continue towards the center, then start again from the other far end of the wall. There are several ways to lay the soldier course last course of the wall.

Step 13 — Bond Beam Construction. Proper levelling control is highly recommended to avoid the need of cutting the 1 st layer of block to match the uneven finished floor level.

Method Statement for Bricklaying

Good house keeping practices. Repeat either process no.

As you continue laying, make sure that each block interlocks with each other. All the bricks are laid lengthways with the stretcher face exposed. This method statement will be the staatement of a toolbox talk given to all personnel involved with the work activity.

Take a statemen spot levels on the brick laying area and choose the highest point as standard level for the starting of the 1 sfatement course of brick. Use and continual use of PPE. Begin with making a batch of mortar adhesive mix same as first course. For floor slab on ground level, it is advised to lay a layer of Damp Proof Coarse DPC before carrying out the leveling and brick laying process.

To fabricate a lintel, join required numbers of H- bricks in a row and place a pre-cut rebar to the required length inside the top drain. This method is recommended as it provides for even load distribution and strength. The works will be supervised by Training: A dowel bar the length of 1 CKYIBS brick mm, not including the portion embedded in the wall is strictly required at every 4 th course of the brick wall adjacent to any mtehod of the.

This is to prevent any cracking derived from the two walls pulling apart. Welfare and First Aid: Builders Safety Facebook Page. Again, it brkcklaying important to ensure first course of bricks are levelled. Stiffeners are to be introduced at every 3 meters length of wall.

Mortar will be mixed on site and measured to ensure consistency. A brick wall can be constructed in several patterns.

Brickwork Method Statement | Health & safety Documents

Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments: Use of Mechanical means where possible. Allow the pre-fabricated lintel 7 days to cure before utilizing it.

It is recommended that a concrete cutter be used to cut the bricks. A telescopic forklift If Available or required vehicle will be used to transport and place materials onto loading platforms. In order for it to be statemeht and stable it is essential that it is properly planned and prepared.

Repeat and slide the next brick to interlock with the previously laid brick.

Lines and levels to be set out by competent person. This is to provide toothing for every 2 courses. Mortar will be used in accordance with the design specification. After laying each course, be sure to remove any access cement glue from the front faces of the bricks for easier application of any finish coat.

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