Flexisign pro 10.0.2

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It is the one that has the rainbow, cloud, and brick colors. If you have a tip, a project something that can assist others, this is the place to post. Notify me of new comments via email. Gene Schneider February 25, at

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I flsxisign Flexidesigner 8. I think you mean production manager right? Hi, Im very new to the whole print game and have a mutoh value jet that came with flex sign pro 8. Leave a comment Comments Select everything but flexissign or just the text then go to the arrange menu and choose convert to outline. When I click on that it takes away my Pantone colors that are at the bottom of my screen.


Egan Harvey May 8, at 9: Is flexi sign compatible with my plotter? Getting a lot of this type of error lately leading me to believe its some sort of windows or virus or firewall update. Flexiisgn I send a file to print, there is a red outline that prints around images and text, how can I fix this? I walked though it yesterday with sub-par results.

Great so far, I have my black letters with a blue outline 1 and a wireframe of outline of 2 waiting to be assigned a color. I do feel for you!

flexisignn Type something and select it. I think you might mean nesting projects, where you send two different cuts but want them to cut as one project rather than two.

Has anyone else had this issue? Well, this typically is a firewall or anti-virus issue. Once done, click on the arrow tool or some other icon and the values you choose will be set to the new one. SOS you can email me. George King January 16, at 1: Depends on where you are Sending from. Hello, You helped us previously.

Flexi 10.0.2 "Out Of Memory" errors

That box in the Outline dialog is very misleading. Why would they have this ability to add additional layers of outlines and then not have it set up to where you can select different colors flexksign them? Mark, We are running flexi sign 12 cloud version every time there is any kind of update by flexi or windows it takes hours to find and fix the glitches. It's never displayed flexjsign kind of message until just this week, but suddenly it's happening more and more.

Since they flexisig how you use the program, you now have to pay for it every year. So yes, send each job, but place on HOLD in production manager, then select both jobs in Production Manager and nest them.


Been using it with my dinosaur Ioline super 88 plotter for many years. Patty June 22, at 6: Any ideas on the cure. Update…I was finally able to figure out how to reset my origin problem….

Sounds a lot like some sort of design central option issue. Scott October 10, at pri Terry July 22, at 7: I would very simply like to know how to crop images.

Candy and Scott Ross February 24, at 6:

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