Generals zero hour unofficial maps

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Modified Vanilla Shellmap Singleplayer Map The start positions are in the 3 corners while the other corner is occupied by a very large city. There's a terrorists hideout in the mountains and to the south theres a US-base which was build to protect the oil in the middle. This is a 4-player detailed Temperate map by J. Resouces available near center of the cities besides what is near your base area.

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This is a desert style map with a small town in the middle. A 7-Player Temperate skirmish match for Zero Hour. Posted April 11, This is a 2-player detailed Temperate map from Billman Good room to build in each base area.

Scripted team snow map for cooperative online play. This is the correct location depending on your version of Windows There are two supplies per player, and two more supplies to be found.

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This site is NOT official gamefront site but just a third party mirror. Modified Vanilla Shellmap Singleplayer Map Features several rivers flowing through a scenic countryside. A Mountain range passes through the center of the map with a small creek and river on the east side. This Zero Hour map is a rare breed, it's a three player one!

It jnofficial fairly symettrical with a blue hue to the snow.

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I hope you like the map. Black Lotus located the house of Jarmen Kell and destroyed it. This map has 2 entrances to each base, one is obvious but the other is harder to find, look for the snow path!

It's a basic no frills map, with no vehicles to capture. Plenty of detail on the tow research facilities. Now you too can customize your computer desktop with sights and sounds from the battle between the Soviet and Allied forces.

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GameFront is the best place to store, share and promote gfnerals PC gaming files. Here's a map pack of 8 maps for Zero Hour.

Many of them are made for no-rush style play, made for building up your base before attacking. It's a large desert map with a city near the center.

This is a 2 player skirmish map from snowy The GLA has been setting up various cells, and are currently in control of the major industrial areas including oil, gas and water. Uhofficial is eight tec oilderrics surounding the mountain and a tec renforcement pad on the East and West sides.

Capture and hold what you can, each was left behind by a superweapon general. This map can be used for skirmish unoffiial online. In the center are 16 oil derricks! This is mainly a test map for a map.

Remake of the Generals make created by cncfan A new map by iggyk. Despite the numerous amount of maps, you probably don't have all the time to play all of them. Features a lake and a river running diagonal.

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