Big korean drama ep 1 eng sub

By | 09.11.2018

But I'm along for the ride and definitely hopeful. The similarities between Da Ran and her father, as well as between Kyung Joon and Da Ran's mother, are striking--occupation and age-wise. She squints at the approaching figure, then rises in recognition. It's ok for a hot young guy to pair up with someone who looks like his mother but not ok for Gong Yoo to pair up with Suzy? But im interested enough to see where the hong sisters are gna go with this, seeing as they're veterans and I'm sure they have a gameplan.

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Looking forward to Ep 2.

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Jin env has to play the characters I despise? Livia, but i'm not talking about that, i'm talking about your own opinion, you specifically said you dont' like age-gap stories, but then said you ship Gong Yoo and Suzy fictionally.

And I loved that character so I didn't my myself annoyed despite whimsical ways. Something looks fishy here, or my imagination is working too much. Please watch Queen In Hyuns Man!

Let the hijacks ensue! Am waiting for doc to wake up in kid's body But I saw some promising emotional threads that have me looking forward to the next episode. I watched it on iontv.

I like that all the characters are kind of question marks as to their intent. Will he be in the coma forever though? Either way, I am interested enough to continue to watch: Looking forward to tonight's episode: With that, Kyung-joon jumps out the window on the first floor and walks off. I hope this is done for character growth because I can't root for her if she's like this the whole way through. You're free to date whomever you want.

Average as a drama. The similarities between Da Ran and her father, as well as between Kyung Joon and Da Ran's mother, are striking--occupation and age-wise. I have no problem with the story cuz I know they are going to do some twist somewhere.

I must say I was a bit disappointed. I felt that his neglect had been ongoing, and her lack of confidence in him as a groom was evident. Kim Yoonmi June 5, at The beginning was eub.

For some reason, age-gap stories just squick me out irrespective of who the older partner is.

Thank you for nine great years

The way she 'beat' up her brother I thought she'll turn around and throw book on them Adult women do not act like that in real life But I wouldn't mind it if I bought her character and I don't- it always seems like she's just acting it, her character actually reminds me alot of Ma Hye Koreean in Prosecutor Princess except for the fact that I bought Rdama so yeons bumbling naiveity completely.

Anyone catch the hoi-hoi? I suppose there is chance that we will see the doctor-in-Shin sorry, haven't memorised all the names yet since the kid is in LMJ's class and that he'll transform and become a more likeable person than what he seemed to be in this episode because of the experiences in the teen body. Someone needs to say to Korean actresses that they already look young and pretty enough without resorting to the cringeworthy cutesy act, especially when they're 30, it was already the same thing that put me off King 2 Hearts, with Ha Ji Won acting like a 12 year old However, I loved the shift in tone!

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Maybe when you get older you will find that age matters less. I can only see him ending up with Da Ran if the two somehow reconcile and he gains true feelings for her.

It is the personalities of the people that matter not the ages. Crying now, she reminds him of his words when he proposed, which sound awfully reluctant to my ears: I don't like that da rans a big pushover, with her friends, students, coworkers and in her relationship. I've personally had it koren Korean dramas and the same old boring themes.

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