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I selected the LightBeige just because I liked it. The issue is the aggregate works on single series but with multiple series, it seem to aggregate the first series Series1 only and not the second one Series2. Can I configure to put the labels in the bars or to truncate the label to a specific length?

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Swati You can always save the web part using the export web part functionality.

Here is what the SharePoint list looks like if you view the default view directly: How does this work? For more information, contact your site administrator. I want to see only two parts, the ratio of the yes and no situations.

On a SharePoint web page, you can add Web Parts which are customizable web page elements. Can you send a screen shot of your chart to support amrein.

Free Google Chart Sharepoint Web Part

Page Hits Web Part. The licensed version gives you priority support but is functionally equivalent to the free version.

If you have a calculated field, say "Year" which takes the year portion of a date in another column, your filter will stop working if the resulting field is a Date Type. I would like to have the series 2 as a bar and series 2 and 3 as lines. Is the sharrepoint calculated by the web part lower than the correct sum? Please rather use the below settings to create a chart consisting of two bars: I even tried to use the friendly name of the column.

Chhart for the awesome chart.

I troubleshot it a lot, and found out the problem was that I was using the default column the one automatically created when you make a new list, initially named "Title" as my Label List Column.

Is it possible to sum values depend on other column filter?

Am I formatting it incorrectly? I think it would be better to show these records as a group not set in the chart. All of the data is in the same list. The web part should now correctly filter.

Create a chart by using the Chart Web Part

WHat could the reason be? I hope this is not just my issue. February 25, at 4: I just wish anyone round my office understood the tech bits. I am using Pie and Pie 3D charts. Sbarepoint would like to invite you to take a look at Nevron Chart for SharePoint.

The New Chart Web Part in SharePoint 2010

Thank you very much. There are 2D and 3D chart types you can select and various sub-types of chart types to choose from. Use the Parameter Name list to select an item, such as a column in the data set. If you want a combobox filter for a lookup field, the options include the lookup ID and Displayname, i. It runs from 4: If I have 3 filters on my chart, the chart automatically refreshes when I select the first filter Brett This required Enterprise Edition.

Any idea how to solve this?

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