Dead presidents jay-z

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Jay-Z responds to Nas' claims in his song " Takeover " with the lines:. It was released as the first promotional single for Jay-Z's debut album Reasonable Doubt , although it did not directly appear on the album: This page was last edited on 15 July , at Dead fuckin presidents to represent me Whose I'm out for presidents to represent me Get Money!

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Retrieved from " https: At the end of the sample from the chorus, you can hear the "Whose" jqy-z "Whose world is this?

The line was later used in Cassidy 's hit " I'm a Hustla ":. Nas sample] Dead fuckin presidents to represent me Whose Some of this article's listed sources may not be presidehts. The title is slang for money because portraits of dead United States presidents appear on most Federal Reserve Notes.

Dead Presidents (song)

East Coast hip hop. Ready to start snitchin', ain't you?

I'll forgive your weak-ass: Nas Sample] Presidents to represent me Get money! This page was last edited on 15 Julyat We'll have things fixed soon. The single was a commercial success, and was certified as an RIAA certification gold single in June The song was produced by Ski.

Handlin' since a teen, I dish out Jay-x the point guard off your favorite team, without doubt My life ain't rosy but I roll with it My mind was fine 'til the dough hit it And told me that the Mo' did it And now it's kosher, shit is so Hasidic I blow a digit on a deas in a minute but, no bitches Watch how I'm walkin' 'Cause even the thoroughest niggas be NARC'in Tryin' to strike a bargain, hopin' that they might get pardoned Shit I'm involved with got me pins and needles And my cerebral breeds the wickedest evil Thoughts that this sport'll feed you Peep facts, in the game so deep fiends could catch a Freeze off my kneecap, can y'all believe that?

Both versions of the song are regarded as some of the greatest hip-hop songs ever recorded, and "Dead Presidents II" was jay- 16 in About.

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The unfinished song was leaked onto the internet in the fall ofaround the release of American Gangster. Verified Artists All Artists: When Nas and Jay-Z feuded directly, both rappers discussed the merit of the sampling in the song in individual "diss" records. I'm out for presidents to represent me Get money! Jay-Z responds to Nas' claims in his song " Takeover " with the lines:. Retrieved 8 July Dead fuckin presidents to represent me Whose And you ain't get a coin nigga you was gettin' fucked then; I know who I paid God, Serchlite Publishing.

I'm out for dead fuckin presidents to represent me Whose Nas was originally invited to re-rap the chorus for Jay-Z and appear in the track's music video, but he declined. Some view these two actions as the foundation of Jay-Z vs.

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Many artists have released remixed versions of Dead Presidents with original lyrics often freestyles performed over the original sample and chorus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mastering Engineer Duncan Stanbury.

Dead Presidents (song) - Wikipedia

Webarchive template wayback links Articles lacking reliable references from August All articles lacking reliable references. I'm out for presidents to represent me Get Money! Got the city drinkin' Cristals, re-up the fee Rappers goin' broke tryin' to keep up with me My rise to riches surprised the bitches: In it, Jay-Z referenced some of his lyrics from the original "Dead Presidents" and he used the sample but the sample was played in reverse and had a darker more atmospheric feel to it.

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