Build a lot 4

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Main Campaign, Level 15 Goals: From now on you will need to buy cheaper houses and demolish them to make room for Georgians. The Workshop not only saves you money by letting you train workers for half-price; it also provides Lightning Efficiency training which makes your works work much faster. Buy 2, units of materials. Construct the Wind Farm.

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If an empty lot comes up for sale, buy it. Construct the 3rd for-sale Condo. I have all of the "Build It" series and each one has been a blast! As quickly bjild you can, landscape all your houses, then demolish the Garden Center. Buy just enough materials to construct the Recycling Center and construct it. From now on, buy materials in lots of 1, as needed.

Build-a-lot 4: Power Source

You also need to get a good rhythm going where you have one Duplex being upgraded, one adding Loot Savers, and then you start construction on the next one as soon as the previous has 2 Energy Savers.

You already know how to construct homes, malls and restaurants, right? All walkthroughs are designed to get the Speedy award for that level.

Built a Garden Center.

During this stage, demolish any small houses you buy, including A-Frames; you need the spaces for Cinemas for awhile. Construct a 2nd Georgian, paint it, and keep it for rent. Construct the 6th Apartment.

Your ultimate Goal is to construct 1 3-Star Georgian and nuild it for cash, construct 2 more 3-Star Georgians and keep them for rent money.

Supercharge the Wind Farms. The 1st Apartment is already built at the start of the level. Buy any empty lots or A-Frames that come up for sale until you have bought 2 A-Frames and all available empty lots.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Buy the two houses on the other Hydro Turbine lots once they come up for sale, inspect them, and leave them collecting rent until you need the energy.

Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

Add workers whenever needed until you have a total of Throughout the level, buy any empty lots that become available. Demolish the Garden Center and replace it with the 2nd Amphitheater.

Construct the 4th Duplex as soon as kot previous Duplex has 2 Energy Savers. Construct 3 Amphitheaters buold one pool. Built the Tech Center. From now on, buy materials as needed in 5, units. Ultimately you will need to have sold 4 3-Star Apartments, kept 5, and have 2 Amphitheaters in between two houses each. Now start landscaping all 6 of your Apartments. They are going to generate cash for you right now.

Otherwise just buy empty builx and A-Frames until you have enough for 4 Duplexes plus the Tech Center. The only things you need to upgrade are the 2 Georgians.

Demolish the Recycling Center and put the 8th painted Duplex there. Leave one lot empty between two houses for the Mini-golf course. Construct the Wind Farm.

Despite this ease, the game does have a drawback. Construct 4 Duplexes as quickly as possible.

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