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Also, Maggie's gauges stop working only when she drives by the Mall of America; Darlene's road trip from Colorado to San Francisco felt like she was floating on air, likely because she really was; and on Stump the Chumps, we find out if marriage cured Ellen's fiance of his obsession with performance add-ons. Also, Jason's car has three problems and may get three wrong answers; Mike agreed to pull his neighbor's You don't have to know anything about cars to love this one hour weekly laugh fest.

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All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Each season, we investigate the culture of crime in a different city. Retrieved from " https: Elsewhere, Colleen's dad used the "break brake-in' theory" to insist he had to drive the family to the movies.

After the shift to the three-segment format, it became a running joke to refer to the last segment as ca third half" podcsat the program. It was a joke call from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory concerning the preparation of the Mars rover for the oncoming Martian winter. At some point in almost every show, usually when giving the address for the Puzzler answers or fan mail, Ray mentioned Cambridge, Massachusetts where the show originatedat which point Tom reverently interjected poecast a tone of civic pride, "Our fair city".

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Archived from the original on This week pdcast The Best of Car Talk, genetics suggest that men inherit intelligence from their mothers, which as Tom and Ray postulate, leaves one likely source for the "Hey guys, watch podcas However, when they were stumped, they attempted anyway with an answer they claimed was "unencumbered by the thought process", the official motto of the show. Has siphoning gotten more difficult, or is Rory just incompetent?

The guys answer your questions, offer advice and feature guests from the automotive industry and celebrity car enthusiasts.

New features frequently added. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk. Also, three tales of things that aren't where they're supposed to be. cxr

Could a whack to the noggin make Tom and Ray speak like actual mechanics? Dragon "Her ass must be draggin'"whose job title varied, but who was often said to be head of the show's working mothers' support group.

Elsewhere, Jeff is concerned that his Eagle Scout son doesn't want to drive, but he may want to give the kid another merit badge, for good sense; Peter has gotten half a dozen bad diagnoses for his truck's shifting problem—including floor mats—and may be about to get one more; and are Tom and Ray leading practitioners of "Learned Ignorance"?

You can sync with your account with this website too. All this and more this week on The Best of Car Talk. Also, Moon's trip to the Grand Canyon was marked by an argument with his wife over air conditioning; Bernadette is considering a career change from one non-profit to another by becoming a mechanic; and should Diane add a paint overcoat to her daughter's Jetta, or is this yet another dealer scam?

America's most hilarious auto mechanics take calls from exasperated car owners and add a heavy dose of wisecracks while they diagnose your automotive woes. But how can Tom and Ray be geeks and hippies at the same time? This week on The Best of Car Talk, Reid wants to save his Audi's transmission by flushing it, but his mechanic thinks the gunk is the only thing keeping the tranny from self-destructing.

Its subjects were automobiles and automotive repair, discussed often in a humorous way.

Programmer gives this app tali lot of love and attention and it shows. He did so well that he was asked to return as a guest, and he invited his younger brother Ray who was actually more of a car repair expert to join him. His pipe-shrouded van might scare off clients, and he may have greatly increased the chances of setting the van on fire, but is Ted still worthy of a Click and Clack Genius award?

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Speaking of harebrained, Cheryl's podcas is driving around with a rotted gas tank, and the fuel lines re-routed to a tank in his trunk. Will Tom and Ray embrace the debris theory?

The Magliozzis were long-time auto mechanics. Elsewhere, Colleen's dad used the "break brake-in' theory" to insist he had to drive the family to the movies. At the end of the show, Ray warned the audience, "Don't drive like my brother! Ppdcast of the advice sought was diagnostic, with callers describing symptoms and demonstrating sounds of an ailing podcaxt while the Magliozzis made an attempt to identify the malfunction over the telephone and give advice on how to fix it.

Unfortunately, they're all harebrained.

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