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Used Cleartune last night before a gig and had no problems with stage noise. Because Pro Guitar Tuner is chromatic you cantune most types of stringed instruments. Armed with a Technics ,CDJ orayoutube video as a sound source. Spam or system abuse Abusive behavior or violent threats Other Reason. Just select the taalandsing along with the rhythm.

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In our drum pads allsoundsaresynchronized ,tuned and set up so that you never lose therhythmormelody. The top rated chromatic tuner on the App Store is at last availableon Google Play!

Maybe you are a techno music lover? I've even taken it on stage with me!

If you want to tunedirect string - justpress the number of that string claertune application,otherwise the tunerwill automatically detect it and show you thetuning level.

No dead zone - screen changes to greenwhen tuning is good.

Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner apk file

TuningPresetsTake advantage of the built-in presets for guitar andukulele tunings: Cleartune can tune acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, chromahic, tablas and any other instrument that can sustain a tone.

It follows any pitch your instrument can make.

Cleartune features a unique "note wheel" interface allowing you to quickly find your pitch, paired with a highly responsive fine-tuning meter for the perfect tune. Tempo - Metronome with Setlist.

Below is a brief section from that article: Guitar Tuner Free - Fender Tune 1. None of the old visual or analog tuners are asprecise. Your satisfactionis our main concern — therefore we constantly develop smartChordbased on your suggestions and hints.

Cleartune is a chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your Android device.

You can modify the ones that exist or add yourown using a text editor. Joinacommunity of true music lovers and explore a new musicaluniversebeyond the familiar mainstream selection!

Free Android Downloads: Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner v Apk App

Fender Cleadtune is a super accurate, easy-to-use guitar tuner app byFender, featuring 22 different tunings for acoustic, bass, ukuleleand electric guitars. Update for iOS Customization of these will be ap in a future upgrade. DaTuneris super precise from A0 all the way up. The interface is similar to the tuner onproguitar. This app is not affiliated with Akai orNativeInstrumentsMaschine.

In addition to more than 1,, chords andfingering options, it integrates many other interlocking tools: The beats have the flavour of realtabla andtanpura, giving an Indian classical feeling. None of the old visual or analog tuners are as precise.

This app requires an internet connection 3G, 4G,wifi streaming. Beginner Tips We provide illustrated andvideo tips on getting started with tuning to help beginnersunderstand different tunings, using pick and pluck, holding thenote, sharp vs flat notes, training your ear and more.

I've even taken it on stage with me! MPC Tyner isthebeat maker of choice formany professionals, and heres why: Got ideas to make GuitarTuna even better? We have been working hard to bring you the best GuitarTuner App on Android. Enjoy and stay tuned! With our djmixpadsyou will find it and be able to hold a liveperformance,record,and share it with the world.

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