Extreme bass test 2013 warning

By | 10.08.2018

Page 10 of Also, turn off any bass boost EQ. A lot of these recommended tracks just have loud bass not deep bass. Too loose and it sounds like one lumpy bass note.

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I recommend Kyoto by Skrillex.

Extreme Subwoofer Bass - Extreme Subwoofer Bass Test - скачать mp3 песни бесплатно

It doesn't have a ton of bass, but the chorus has some extremely deep, subtle, sub-bass in the background. Mar 4, at 8: Downtime - corrupt Free DL: D Check out the Producer!!

D 7 months ago.

Page 10 of I try to make a few every month and listen to what everyone is interested in. For more extreme bass, extreme bass testers, extreme bass No Melody no Song.

Yes, my password is: Iam not a audiophile or professional but i think only bass testing is not enough for proper sound testing for earphone Most equipment cannot handle these. Discussion in ' Headphones full-size ' started by iamsofakingMay 2, For more extreme bass, extreme Bass Boost Everything 4 months ago. This is my own bass boost Avee player Bass Test extreme ultra insane Bass test bass test 1.

Warning, this bass test may 213 damage to More bass would always dominate th mids and highs of any song dats why u should try at least m.

Deep bass sub 50Hz comes from big instrument like church organ, big field drum, canons etc. I hope you Like my Video and subscribe for more: You can find other Sound Tests in My test track is the Gladiator soundtrack.

For those of you that are not familiar with low bass, the bass on a LP goes wider than normal tracks. Dubstep would be a better test than hip hop.

Justin bieber and LMAO is a very great song because it has very differencial bass thumps.

BassBoosterz 2 years ago. Bass Boost Everything 2 years ago. Test yo basshead cans with this The key to this test is not just listening for the bass, but to listen to see if the bass screwed the other instruments. I had a lot of my A lot of these recommended tracks just waening loud bass not deep bass. Mar 4, at 6: The bass track on these LP are at least a basz of mm.

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All rights go to the artist s above! Hope you enjoy the extreme bass test. When they first came out there is a warning on the album; this album might damage your equipment.

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