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R u the real BrianD from the movie? How did you download the game BrianD. Plus it would beat riding around on a light-cycle!

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It is only fired once as well, by Brian, attempting to kill The Law, who dodges it and Brian accidentally kills Jenny Matrix, his team's captain. The Tomahawk is used twice in the series, both times by Brian D.

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November 21,6: Well since the players can actually look down their sights and they can sprint i wouldnt think so. You and your friend can sit in a hallway, aim your guns at one another and wait for someone to walk between you.

Tired of ads on Kongregate? The area around a weapon that can easily be reached by bullets. Field of Fire is a fictional video game that prominently appears in Video Game High School as one of the main games for Seasons 1 and 2. November 21,1: May 24,8: In this mode, you cannot damage your own team. Yeah true, because CS: In this 3-man formation, each person is responsible for watching a different area.

Play Fields of Fire, a free online game on Kongregate

Furthermore, always assume that your enemy is a crack shot. April 10,2: You and everyone else decided instead to throw away your hard-earned dolla Totaly an april fools joke. November 2,1: Your field of fire is basically the area in front of you where death will follow if you pull the trigger. If the game comes out Johanna and Josh should lf an account and play with the fans!!!

July 20,2: Grenades are another common weapon utilized in the series.

Fist off only the human actors could ADS the actually screen footage never showed zooming, I haven't watched them all in a while but I know the first season and most of the second are very similar to the cs style of gameplay. You can get in on the fie,d with their first-person view and you customize your avatar to take with you to the battlefield.

The point man scans the area in front of us.

April 2,8: This is also where you benefit from leading with your weapon. The weapon seems to have a lock-on system relative to people, although it can only fire freely in real life. As you move, you actively place objects within your field of fire.

Is Field of Fire a Real Game or Is It All a Lie? : VGHS

Middle man is responsible for the sides — ideally you want 2 reliable middle men, one for each side — and the rear guard watches the firr behind you to prevent someone from sneaking up on you. Remember when YouTube was some random thing that kids did for fun in their free time? April 27,2: Submit a new text post.

November 14, Click here to activate or install Adobe Flash:. Especially the gameplay shots were it appears they don't ADS.

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