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By | 11.01.2019

Danke Hans extremecarver Tuesday March 7th, at Thanks for taking the time to document this procedure. Changed MapSource to use the UnlockWizard for providing the user with map unlock services in non-Asian language versions of the program. Fixed issue where a detailed map might not be visible at certain zoom levels if the map is very close to the edge of the screen. Change so that MapSource is compatible with MB Garmin data cards when the card is in the unit and data is transferred to the unit via USB or serial.

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MapSource no longer allows the user to add waypoints to the route that will result in consecutive duplicate via points. Fixed a bug where the map drew twice when the viewable screen spanned the Anti-Meridian.

Download MapSource from Garmin and Install Without CD

When errors occur, they are logged to a file in user's temporary directory called MapSource. FG 2 years ago. Added temperature garmun time stamp to waypoints.

Reduced size of symbols when configured to use small symbols. Modified the waypoint symbol previously called 'marina' to now be called 'anchor' to better associate it with the symbol.

Download Garmin MapSource for Free and Install Without Media - Tech Journey

Fixed bug that caused MapSource to crash if two waypoints symbols had the same name. Improved memory issues when running MapSource under Windows 7. Garmkn issue where MapSource was not gracefully handling the case where the language resource file was missing.

Install Garmin Basecamp and maybe Mapsource. Corrected compatibility issues between certain Garmin data cards and MapSource.

Modified the waypoint dialog to correctly truncate the timestamp string when it was too long for the field it is displayed in. Also raised the maximum speed to allow more flexibility for the user in route planning. I do have some experience with GPS because I borrowed from my friend a few times and updahe to know how to find a location, updating the unit software and also looking for the latest maps.

Fixed a routing issue with third party map products. Added check box for including autorouting information in transferring data to and from a gafmin to the transfer dialog. Now the label from the map is truncated to a user-defined, fixed number of characters with white spaces removed and then made unique.

Modified file export dialog to automatically fill in the base name of the current gdb file as the default name for the exported file.

Added support for new City Navigator product. Select these symbols on the Display tab of the preferences dialog. Fixed a problem that sometimes caused MapSource to crash in various dialogs. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Modified the transfer dialogs to correctly reflect the fact that the cfQue device does not currently support route transfer. Fixed various Asian language localization issues. Fixed some translation issues in Japanese resources.

Fixed an issue where MapSource would crash when trying to display marine charts with dates mapdource to Reorganized this dialog to make it easier to use and understand. Fixed bug where the 'Recalculate', 'Invert', and 'Show On Map' buttons were not being correctly disabled when there were no points in the route.

Changed how MapSource interacts with the mapspurce clipboard so that users can cut and paste between instances of MapSource without having to leave Mapsource open for this to work. Time spans less than 24 hours still show as 'HH: Karel 6 years ago. Fixed issue with partial string searching in the name field of the 'find places' dialog. Modified the context menu that a user gets when he clicks garmln the map window to have the following behaviors: Internationalized MapSource to support multiple languages.

Thus, if the user always has the same devices connected to the same ports, they should not have to search for their device more than once.

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