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Full custom loader that auto-updates. These are by far the best so far on the market. August 12, at 2: AKA marinutti1 - "I really enjoyed using the hacks in my game, it made for an easy, and fun time while playing the game. Fly to the top of the map or into a building, press your aimbot key and watch as the enemy dies instantly, this is our fastest aimbot to date.

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Combat Arms is Free 2 Play and you can download it here.


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Introduce yourself and welcome newcomers to the community. The hacks make the game more fun, you can always see everyone, fly around the map and do so much more. This message will be removed once you have signed in.

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By Dellin rams, July 30 in? Create your own review. Talk about anything related to gamescheatslifeworld newsand etc. Fly through any wall, object, etc in game.

Check out the video below to see Ghost mode and the other bonus features in action. AKA mrbigtimea1 - "iWantCheats has the best hacks with the ckmbat features. Aimbot is awesome it kills right dead on and I can see through walls.

If you want to fly around the entire map we included the Ghost mode feature and more in our software. If you want to read more head over to the forum and check out the full review section. Points System By DellinJuly 30 in?

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Full custom loader that auto-updates. July 10, at 2: Do you want the best Combat Arms Hack? Fly in the air and snipe an opponent on the other side of the map easily with the aimbot. Create your own review.

Name — Displays the name of all players on the screen Fade — Special effect to make targets fade out at distance Distance — Tells you how far away each player is from you BoundingBox — Box around players for easier targeting hackks Radar — Shows all enemy on the radar screen Configurable — Change all colors for every ESP item.

Combat Arms Hacks, Bots, Cheats & Exploits

By KellyJuly 31 in? Started playing CA and was taking too long to make my character better after I got your Combat Arms hack took one day of playing to get what I wanted.

I recommend it for everyone. Sign up now and get access to the free download all our members get and start using CA now!

Hiring new staff members! Register now to gain access to all of our features. Best thing is the aimbot kills yacks then just moves to kill next person everyone was like WTF!!! By CepheusOctober 13 in? The staff and users are all really kewl" Alex: Removes the fog, wow.

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