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Beautifully balanced colors with simple yet efficient design is what every designer looks for in a wallpaper. Very nice basic article. Written by Editorial Team. Wouldn't it be nice if you could get free stock images that are curated for quality and resolution? Or you could just follow these amazing nature photographers Get Inspired:

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Of course, if you want, you can download the image in a larger resolution or a dekstop aspect ratio, as well. That is why most designers collect desktop wallpapers. Written by Editorial Team. Below are awesome wallpapers for web designers related to art, design, technology and more.

It has en enormous library of very high quality photography. The aspect ratio of a rectangle is simply the proportion between width and height.

Everyone is a noob to something at some point. Free stock images are your best bet. The other issue is resolution. Read More to try them out. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Every photo you find on Unsplash is licensed under Creative Commons Zero, meaning they're totally walllpaper of charge and you're free to do what you want with those deskyop.

Creative Commons is a set of licenses which automatically give you permission to do various things, such as reuse and distribute the content.

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You have to find one that suits your tastes. Pretty awesome; and its interface is clean and beautiful too.

Reddit is another great source for images. Very nice basic article.


This tee is perfect for fellow designers who are sick of other designers for the overuse of Helvetica. To resize in GIMP:. Beautifully balanced colors with simple yet efficient design is what every designer looks for in a wallpaper.

Design is, first and foremost, a labor of love. The next time you go out, leave your old point and shoot at home. Changing your wallpaper to something inspirational can help you jump right into work without procrastinating in the morning, or one of beautiful scenery might remind you to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors for a change.

HD Wallpapers | Ultra HD 4K Wallpapers for Desktop & Mobiles

We show you the best animated wallpapers you can get on your Windows desktop. Whatever reason you have for constantly changing your desktop wallpaper or notit's always nice to have a few sources on hand for your next wallpaper. Cropping just means cutting out excess bits of the image. Sign Up for Our Newsletters Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health, money and more. Lots of contrast might be hard on your eyes, and dektop images are usually easier to look at.

Windows Windows 10 Destkop vs.

Love the simple stuff because I refer people to these all the time. Let's take a look at some rsolution the best wildlife photographers you should follow. Read our privacy policy. Now I can give them a link instead of repeating myself.

3750x3000 Standard 5:4 Wallpapers

You can always hop over to one of these free wallpaper sites Need A New Wallpaper? The second query - optimum sizes for tablets and mobile phones?? With thousands of wallpapers available, it becomes really hard to find out the one that matches your creativity. A power user can most often find his own solutions.

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