Amazing grace wintley phipps

By | 11.08.2018

Phipps, the story and his beautiful voice. Steve Estrada How God lifted up slaves sorrow to reach so many of our hearts. God bless us every one!

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What a great performance.

Donna M Fest I loved it it made me think of our history of the slaves how they suffered. The song itself is an amazing testimony of repentance and the power of prayer and music.

The conductor Joseph Martin, told us after we finished the song to be silent and we could hear the echos of all who have graced this stage with song.

Thank you Wintney Phipps! The empathy with the suffering slaves.

As children of God. His singing is one of God's gift to me.

Amazing Grace, by Wintley Phipps | KarmaTube

I hope to meet him face to face in Heaven. To God Be Grqce Glory. Wintley Phipps does a fantastic job singing "Amazing Grace. There is real music knowledge here but it has been diluted down to nonsense.

Wintley Phipps Sings 'Amazing Grace' | Guideposts

The back story of grrace song and the beautiful and emotional singing. Never to look down on another man unless I am reaching to help him up. Share the history of this powerful song! Rita Benacquista Recognizing our Divinity and our Oneness Klara van der Molen pledges to Only Detroit has to recall defective cars.

His guilt overwhelmed him and he became something considerable lower than a captain. So joyful so beautiful, I wish all people Black and White could be brought together like this. Every color and race has its history but his presentation of Amazing Grace gives life struggles a picture of black history and beautifully presented too.

Millie By God's amazing grace! Thanks, for adding this knowledge to my favorite hymen!! We'll surely get to know this person when we enter heaven's gates. Out of their unhappiness God filled their souls and minds with his love for human kind. Delwin Kessler The music was so spiritual. Lois V Mercy me how spiritual blessed to hear that story and the song. But it is simply not true. Wintley Phipps made this spiritual music come to life.

New Britain is played on a clarinet, and I tell you, it knocked my socks off.

Video cannot be played.

Thank you Jesus for this gift. What a beautiful and heartwarming performance.

Albert Howard This song - amazing Grace - has been gface favourite of mine for a long time. Thank you Brother Phipps. I pledge always to remember my ancestors.

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