Chess openings pgn database

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Please tell your friends about this collection you can use a tell-a-friend script for that job , and if you have a homepage of your own, consider to make a link to my page see some information for that. The million base 2. A database with more than 1 games in SCID-format. French correspondence chess association AJEC: Chess Portal in Bulgaria, some games included.

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Download has to be done manually at the moment as explained here: Refine the search to only include the most recent year or opfnings and you'll have current theory.

About 10 searchable games with download-functionality. When I watch a chess tutorial on YT where they analyze some grand master game, they go through the first ten to fifteen moves very quickly and say that's all openingz, that's all from the books. I will not update the design in the near future, but new content is added regularly. BdF with a special download area.

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Single tournaments, sorted by year. Staunton gambit, Chigorin variation. If you would like to advertise at this site for chess-related, high quality stuff just send me an advertising email.

Database of games played in California. If you spread it out across multiple.

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Games from Gocher open. You will find current chess activity as well as historical chess. Queen's Gambit Declined, 5. The Dallas Chess Club: But no such thing exists. Clemenz Mead's-Basman's-de Klerk's opening. Games from the Guernsey International Chess Festival. World Correspondence Chess Federation: If you enjoy this site and want it to grow and to be up to date, please consider making your online purchases by starting at this site.

Latvian Gambit and Elephant Gambit cehss. Grandmaster games in PGN. The files below are available for download, completely opeinngs. Games from Province of Nova Scotia. Thanks for your support!

Check the "congres main" sections. The million base 2. Just choose a tournament location on the right, then scroll for pgn.

Games from LGA open. Team championships in Austria, sometimes with games. French, Winawer Other Black 4th moves games.

Why is there no pgn file with all openings and its main lines? - Chess Forums -

Sicilian, Dragon Yugoslav Attack games. Has ended with issuenot longer updated. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Daily Chess News and Games.

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