Fake golf handicap certificate

By | 06.08.2018

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I'm thinking they wont be too bothered about it, surely they cant sell him a package including a freeround of golf and then tell him he isnt elligable to play. SH, I think your statement "For the sake of us keen golfers" was badly put.

Handicap Certificate

Thread starter welsh ian Start date Aug 16, Perhaps you would like to explain to us why your 2 handicaps are different if both are valid. If you believe all the people on this site are returning all their cards you are not living in the real world and also a lot of the scores have not been recorded under competition conditions.

Hi all, it seems the downloadable handicap has caused some forum certicicate. All sounds a bit contradictory to me.

He plays off 25 and knocked one up. Any golfer can cheat themselves and others by abusing the handicap system. I've done it before and I'd hansicap it again. User Profile Hide User Posts. Apparently they are looking at introducing a handicap limit set at 18 this was last month but don't know if they've actually done it yet.

I'd just fake them. They have to enter 3 cards at least and i'm sure the groups they play in would want to see the card entered if they have a good game.

I have played in many competitions at many different courses and time and time again exceptionally low scores have been returned by golfers holding non Congu Club handicaps.

Are we likely to need one as its part of his wedding package? Should i get one of these and are they widely accepted? Wednesday, June 17, 7: Joined Mar 3, Messages 3, Location sarf Lunnon. Handidap even easier these days, "making" an A4 certificate with a logo and stuff is easy.

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Handicap Certificate | Golf Monthly

Worst case scenario they refuse us entry and we go to a pay and play and use the free round when we are more suitably prepared. I have a Club handicap and as such each time I enter a Club competition my handicap is adjusted accordindingly. Played the first three holes and a marshall rocked up on a buggy and asked to see the certificate as it "had been reported" that he was unable to play to the skill level required and was watched for the next two holes and then asked to leave.

Those 3 rounds could be 's, you'd still get a For the sake of us keen golfers I really feel this service is not a good idea. Cheers for the help particularly backwoodsman thats what i wanted to hear.

I am playing in a competition tomorrow at a different club so what does SH think I should play off. With your handicap it works on cards submitted which is totally different.

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Get an official handicap certificate

You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Probably more accurate and genuinely valid than one you fake up yourself! Apart from csrtificate that you're a member of a club and have played at least 3 rounds it proves diddly squat.

I heard a story, albeit second hand of a guy who golv asked to provide a handicap certificate to play a well known premier course down here. Wednesday, June 17, 6:

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