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I prefer SIW instead of WinAudit and other apps because 1 it's standalone, 2 relatively small, 3 shows more in-depth info that WinAudit doesn't, e. The illegal part is 1 it gives hidden secrets such as passwords to certain accounts on the network as well as info that can be used to help a so called hacker to access the network. I see you haven't yet posted the Sophos response that you sent me privately.

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This is probably the only tool you'll need if you want to know about a computer, the information is vast, gagriel probably get lost and want to run home to your mommies wimpy utility belt. For the umpteenth time, my post was this They at least state that SIW.

Evan Jackson You have to respect a program when it's Author replies to user concerns! Minor enhancements and compatibility fixes. Topala decided to cripple it. Gabriel Topala Yopala can help if you're planning a hardware upgrade, too. I also dare you to contact McAfee and get your program approved so it wont get deleted.

Go into "Host" 4. I was able to download build from http: I cannot seem to get the "Secrets" function to workI am using the freeware version Does it only work in the comercial one?? SIW is no longer freeware It's one of those programs that needs admin rights.

SIW was a great utility, I guess the author realized that. Did I mention it is free, too. Don't trust kids round computers - or train em properly! I would be interested in hearing from Mr.

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I'm a convert for sure. I heard from Prevx Tech Support. In this case it is a legitimate program but the heuristic scanning portion of your Anti-virus - Anti-Spyware has no way to tell the difference so it "takes care" of it for topzla. Gabriel Topala, Latest v. Claus V What is an issue is that this tool cannot be completely portable until it's tolerated by all the AV software slw there.

It's a great program.

tppala I apparently installed this program 4 October here at work and then soon forgot about it. That's a fact, not a flaw.

Once they have your request they will review it and get back to you with the results.

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Does it give you any message? I use it more than Belarc Advisor now. If you'd like to add more RAM to your system, say, then click the Memory aiw the precise details on the manufacturer, part number, memory type and speed of your existing DIMMs, everything you need to be sure your new RAM is compatible.

I'm also getting an error when starting the application which also looks suspicious: Some other things not mentioned directly in the description: Sun, 12 Nov

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