Delain april rain

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SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. To actually get to the meat of the matter at hand here, what is hands down the best thing about this album is the utterly beautiful, stunningly smooth and highly emotive vocal performance of Charlotte Wessels. The guitar solos on both of the mentioned songs are very simple in nature but very catchy.

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The songs are made in such a way that Charlotte's inherent ability to make a hooky song become ridiculously infectious and sweet is used to its fullest potential.

There is just enough sugar to make this beautiful, but not so much as to spoil the record; outstanding album.

Create your own fate". In short, April Rain is a great follow-up to Lucidity. Never mind the fact that these songs are also insanely memorable and catchy, owing to their simplicity and overall flawless execution, especially, you guessed it, on the vocal front.

We have the keys playing some pizzicato piece with the sound of violins at first until the drums come in to guide Charlotte at her beautiful melodies. It just depends on the individual, this one does.

Delain - April Rain Lyrics | SongMeanings

Empyreal selain, August 25th, BudDaMay 19th, This is delqin what I expected before I listened to April Rainbut there are many factors that make this so much more than apgil another sugary "pop-metal" offering.

As stated already, the band could be playing banal and awful nu 'metal' or alt-rock and the album would still be great, but the fact that the instruments are actually very good, even though they are clearly nothing more than a backdrop for Charlotte is just the icing on the cake. This young talented band will go a long way and can even become the next Nightwish if they continue to write songs like this.

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April Rain

But his second perfromance in "Nothing left" doesn't even save the uninspired Within Temptation ballad rip-off. The mix plays to the strengths of the album, and not once tries to focus on heaviness or aggression, or other unnecessary traits for something like this. It is a good album to relax, take a break but everything is quite predictable. A great example is found on "Virtue and Vice" which features a chugging, palm-muted guitar arrangement that delaain enveloped in keys and strings to make the track quite the ethereal experience.

The cover is a little self indulgent, but we can forgive them for that because it's stylish and sleek and definitely pretty sexy looking.

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. All that is pure, sweet, good, alril lovely in metal is to be found here.

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The strings and keys that like to run rampant in symphonic metal usually try to overtake the other instruments, making for an annoying and rather fruity listen; but April Rain uses again, not abuses the powerful symphonic elements in tandem rsin the other instruments to bring about quite the riveting listen.

Music for the masses. But in the interest of elaborating on the music here a little more, my favorite ones include the excellent opening duo of the title track and "Stay Forever," marking one of the signatures of this album in their enthralling chorus melodies, the Marco Hietala-guested song "Control the Storm" with its booming hooks and aggressive symphonics, the spacey, syncopated "On The Other Side" and the excellent "Start Swimming," which transitions seamlessly from soft to heavy - you barely even notice in the mire of hypnotic, starry-eyed theatrics the band employs.

It stands as one of the finest examples of 'pop metal' we will see for a aprul time, something I am convinced no one will ever top. To demonstrate what I think of her performance here, this is a quick acid test I perform when listening to vocalists to decide if they are truly incredible: While April Rain typifies a risk into more commercial waters for Delain compared to Lucidityit isn't like Westerholt and Wessels aren't up to the task.

DiamheaApril 28th, The guitars are still heavy and downtuned playing a few powerchords each song but nothing truly stunning, the guitar solos are still a bit few and not relying on technical abilities but on sheer melody. Seriously people, Charlotte is amazing.

April Rain - Wikipedia

Well, she doesn't outdo herself like in Lucidity but its a commendable performance all the same. Meanwhile, the riffs are actually very light and sparse, with driving grooves often being the main form of guitar noise. It was released in the Benelux on 20 March [6] and was released internationally on 30 March by Roadrunner Records.

The description used for "Invidia" could easily be used for many of the other tracks on the album, as this is not only beautiful, but pleasantly consistent. Retrieved from " https: Enjoyable average Symphonic Metal.

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