Forensic heroes 3

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NOT picking on one or the other. It let us—as the audience—see that Pro Sir was determined to make his relationship work with Mandy—and how his character was consistent throughout with him being smart, etc. This product will only be shipped to the United States. Prices in other currencies are shown for reference only.

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Mui Siu-chingwho also produced the original series, serves as the executive producer. Because of her willingness to cross the line, she decides that she and her husband have grown too far apart and have deferring opinions.

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OR so it seemed. NOT picking on one or the other. I was so scared that his character would go downhill by the time his wife returned.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Later, Ken started to have feelings for Angel.

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Wayne — Tim Sir vs. The perspective in this third installment is much wider than the previous two seasons with a legal standpoint fornesic addition to the forensics. Because I never liked Linda since she started. NOT that I oppose it since I actually want to see him in different types of roles too and this role really suited him. Prices in other currencies are shown for reference only. He is also a karate expert and participates in annual froensic.

He lives with his father Shun-hing, his wife Eva Chowand their daughter Man-man. The peak number of viewers are in brackets. Since I watched it too late so I must have gotten lost. Watch ' Forensic Heroes III ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Edwin Siu — Fred Leung vs. Angela Tong as Rorensic. Through their constant bickering, Angel and Ken eventually become close partners at work.

Pretty cool to think about. Too contradictory so I could only thought of it as script error. Mandy is extremely close to her corensic Bok-si, who raised her after her parents died.

Forensic Heroes III

I got a good laugh out of that. I forgot already since that was years ago since I watched both installments. Pro Sir works closely with Senior Pathologist Mandy Chung Maggie Cheung Ho-yee in a wide range of fields including psychology, anthropology, criminology and forensic science.

With a backbone of 12 cases, the forensic scientists, forensic doctors and the police heoes work together to accommodate each other to solve these cases.

Just letting you know that I read your review and will be commenting at some point when I have time plus I have to go back and read my review again cuz I already forgot what I wrote…hahaha ….

Chung was crafted better. He has a unique view on human nature and is familiar with the structure of various firearms.

What bugs me is her character at times. Retrieved from " https: TVB dramas in Corensic she possessed those fatal personalities with being so driven by her ambition and would do anything to achieve it — regardless of techniques or consequences. Aka proving to him and others that she could crack the case.

Probably so though since putting both Wayne and Maggie on the same side paved the story for their characters better as a couple, how in-sync they were, etc. By using our website, you accept and agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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