Fruity stereo shaper

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Panning Our stereo track can be later panned Left or Right by one of two methods: Cross channel mixing - Mixing adding the signal from one channel into other and reducing the source channel volume by the same amount. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Sliders from left to right:

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Even in the IL yard sale!

On the other hand, bass sounds usually panned to center can be independently compressed and made louder. No verbal abuse of any kind.

Listen to him tho some of my favorite sample packs have samples in them that are WAY on the wrong side of that meter and are fucking awesome. This is similar sterro 'pouring' the sound from one channel into another, a little like water from one glass to another the sounds mix.

Start with the default patch.

Consider the following example. This means both Left and Right speakers reproduce the same word 'Mono' at the same volume. Use the Hint Bar to make precise settings for the sliders. The middle signal being twice the extreme panned Left and Right channel information.

Fruity Stereo Shaper Projects

You can either print screen and crop the image or use the "Snipping Tool". Want to do all this on Reddit?

Use this control to compensate. You will probably also notice it sounds slightly strange, fruiity is due to the cross-channel phase differences, the sound you are hearing is effectively a center-pan mix of what used to be in the extreme stereo-field.


Before we start, let's consider ways Left and Right channels can be combined to create various components of the stereo mix, and their terminology. Right channel volume - Normal Right-channel volume slider. Make sure the destination track is set as a Sidechain in other words, the send volume is at 0. In stereo shaper, move the phase knob and watch your mixer channel for gain. Dang, this is a really good post actually, kind of dismissed the hass effect in general, I'm gonna start using the stereo shaper for at least better control of panning, instead of the pan knobs on the mixer.

Still sounds weird to me.

Want to add shapr the discussion? Just make sure you don't rely on that meter! MID is produced when: I don't think this does everything the FL one does, but it does a lot of it and it looks super sexy doing it: We are making music.

Not giving feedback in the feedback thread within stereoo days of posting a track is not cool. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: If I remember right you are summing channels to mono, and then phase shift one channel degrees and sum with monosum to cancel out what is considered mid, and remainder is side material.

Settings between ms usually result in the most pleasing stereoizing of a mono sound. You can use this knob to compensate for this effect.

Fruity Stereo Shaper - Effect Plugin

I just tried this with some drums and it does make the sound stage more shaer dimensional but also puts everything in a corner, stereo image-wise. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to share a few tips and tricks? SIDE is produced when: To resolve the problem:

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