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Then, follow my blog as I explore the Harry Potter Universe through different projects! And no sighted person is going to read these documents. Also yeah I know what you mean, but I'm not going to arase all lines I don't know, I like it better with less new lines. For example, running , runs , and runner would be changed to run as they are the same base word.

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Since Sirius was only introduced as a character in the third book, this makes sense. Some people just go download crazy and add everything. Trading for a Living: Why People Don't Believe You O Corpo Fala Portuguese.

Right now, I picked whichever name I think the character is referenced by most in the text ex: For example, runningrunsand poter would be changed to ttx as they are the same base word.

I used to have an archive of a very unorganized folder that contained author names as directories, and inside those were directories for series. Communication Systems 4th Edition. Management Myths Debunked - 10th Edition.

Also, my code searches for only one name per character, so Sirius Black is only referenced by Sirius in the code, even though in the text he may sometimes be mentioned by only last name. My analysis still assumes they are either together or talking about each other, even though that may not be the case. Becoming a Data Analyst.

How, exactly is my folder a mess? Readers often overlook punctuation in text, but I thought it might be interesting to look at the punctuation in my data. So the words terrible and odd are both equally negative, even though terrible has a much stronger negative connotation. I'll take a look through the rute folder and I think I might, delete all stories that aren't complete, to make it easier on people.

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They posted the stories on fanfiction. However, there are alternate definitions of just which are not positive, but my code has no way to understand this and simply counts every instance of just as positive. The implication here is that each word is analyzed individually, not taking into account word order or grammar.

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I don't see it as a mess, it has mostly authors. Secrets to Landing Your Next Job. Thanks and yeah I know enter press was a strange way of putting it. Here is my code. Plus not knowing when a story pogter complete is going to make things confusing for those that like to read a story only to find it incomplete.

Harry Potter Text Analysis

Their communication is mainly via an occasional owl post. How to Make Money in Stocks. It was a folder from katherin. If you like harry potter fan fiction, click on this link to download a zipped folder containing 9 point something gigs of harry potter fan fiction when unzipped.

For example, if there are 75, words total in HP 1, then its bag of words contains 75, comma separated words. Potfer is probably because Sirius spends most of HP 4 in hiding and does pottef see Harry or anyone often.

The seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published in July and sold 11 million copies worldwide within 24 hours. I'd like to get me a copy. Which Is quite annoying for me, because I want it to be one line then enter then one line. What Every Body is Saying. And in doing so, made it look like absolute hell.

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