A brief history of disbelief

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Not the arrogant atheists who resist the words of God for their own reasons. Also interesting was this quote from the interview with the director , Richard Denton:. Religion magnifies human tendencies - it can be the cause of great kindness and generosity, and it can be the cause of great violence. It's the selfish ones who do charity work because they think their god will help them, or save them, or take them to it's imaginary place called heaven or whatever. The Tamil tigers pioneered suicide bombing with explosive vests, and are responsible for more suicide bombings and resulting deaths than any other group including the Palestinians.

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Beyond belief

No, our inherent nature wants love,--so it would seem there never could be such a thing as too much belief in love!! The Human Brain has devised many "short cuts" to deal with the intricacies of modern life.

Marilyn Goodman July 16, This series was very good. Many of the greatest physicists were religious.

A Brief History of Disbelief | Documentary Heaven

Call it religion or politics or whatever, it is still only a method of using an existing faculty to control others to our own advantage. Sally Peters May 5, Sean despises the very concept of religious belief, but this is not important.

Clyde Weiss May 8, 3: We are really terribly disappointed! Such is the case with any human institution.

So few representatives of atheism provide a compelling and earnest account for unbelief, let alone with the lucidity and intellectual vigor of Jonathan Miller. September 28, at 6: Do I think less of someone who believes something else? The human body automatically takes a picture of the environment, and delivers it to the 'invisible person,--or 'self',--personal consciousness;--and this mind so formed directs the body to adapt,--to copy environmental actions.

A near-perfect one-two punch to superstition and impossible breif. Carl Zettner May 5, November 22, at 9: It never stated to me who,or what it was. JB March 5, 5: Unfortunately, we are addicted to anxiety, believing that which causes the biggest "Gasp" is most deserving of our attention.

It's a little sad to read those posts from religous folks. I've really been looking forward to watching the program "A Brief History of Disbelief. And what happens when you don't think for yourself? Shame on PBS, the self professed proponent of higher education, for its choice to go the way of commercial television and pretend atheism is insignificant and not a potentially powerful force for the greater good.

Walker May 5, 2: It's a compelling three-part documentary about the misuse of fear: It's not a conspiracy, it's life.

Brief History of Disbelief (TV Mini-Series – ) - IMDb

It's the selfish ones who do charity work because they think their god will help them, or save them, or take them to it's imaginary place called heaven or whatever. What a refreshing breath of reasonable air. Jim Myers May 3, 6: Did Jesus eat the Eucharist i.

People swallow assurances of eternal life at the cost of thorough grieving; is there any therapist out there who honestly claims that such incomplete grieving could possibly be healthy? Wonder May 4, 1: Walt Hammers May 4, 4:

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