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I have already searched the interweb with keywords like "Free PDF ActiveX Control", but have not yet come up with a solution without a distribution license fee. Crash on Tab-out chaau Jun Download demo project - I was unable to write an application that would cleanly open and close multiple PDF files using Delphi 6, Acrobat 6.

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My app is written using Delphi 5 legacy app. I want that my application will works with all versions of acrobat reader.

If I look at the properties of this control I see:. Go to original post.

delphi - Acrobat Reader ActiveX Access Violation on form close - Stack Overflow

I am a bit overwhelmed with the Active X classes I am being presented with! Please Sign up or sign in to vote. You can download it from Adobe.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Please visit our new home acrobst. Than upload the dll and run the viewer. Thursday, July 6, 9: I will use Putsrc instead of LoadFilebut how can I be sure that it works always and what is the difference between Putsrc and LoadFile anyway?

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But the problem is if an instance of Acrobat Reader 6. You might want to look at Acrobat settings to see if it will let you have multiple instance. I can't help you with Acrobat here but ActiveX consists really of two object types.

You can not post a blank message. Yes, After know the version, you can know the control's files path as the following: LoadFile FilePath And there are very helpful methods to use, eg.

I don't understand what you're trying to do. Anita Banerjee Aug Now click "Open" and a new dialog will appear. I'm thinking about that we could use hook method to hook the mouse message sent to the control. If you put it in OnCreate like shown, the Programm will crash. LoadFile String fileName thanks! Sunday, June 4, 2: More social media choices: I hope that this article has helped those of you who want to use PDF files within your own applications and only have avrobat Acrobat Reader.

I originally included the Ref: Using the code The code is very simple and straightforward to use, it is mainly intended to show you how to import the control into your own application and not just for copying and pasting the code from the demo source.

Adobe ActiveX Control with MFC

I found the workaround for this problem, and wanted to post it here, so that if you guys have the same problem could include it to you program as well. TObject ; begin AFileName: Message 1 of Double-clicking the file in the explorer opens the file in ShareMode "Read", therefore it works. Monday, June 5, fontrol How do you stop Acrobat when your app closes.

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