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Slowjam in A A. Blues in D major D x 2. The Sky Is Crying.

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Pop Style Dm x 1. Blues Backing in Eb Eb x 1. Out Alone Blues in A.

Jazz Fusion 8 Cm x 1. Practice Tracks 14 A 90 x 2.

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Pensive Mood A x 3. Drum Beat 85bpm 85 x ttacks. Blues Texas Shuffle E Blues Ballard Bm 54 x 4. Fast country mood C Am Blues Am 85 x 4. Beautiful Keys Em 60 x 4. Cold Shot G m Heavy Rock Cm 55 x 3. Fusion Style Bm x 2. Blues Backing C x 7. If you've forgotten your login details, don't worry, they can be retrieved.

Backing track

More Blues Am Blues backing track Am. Blues Basico 12 Compases. Hard rock 3 Am x 2.

F Minor Groove F m Vindas Place Bb Sad Ballad Em 66 x BluesSoul Backing in Gm Gm x 2. Backing tracks can also be bought online through a backing track supplier and used for home practice or use in live shows.

Double Agent Em x 2.

Chicago Blues in G. Heavy Melodico Em x 6. Pop Ballad in C.

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With Miles G Acoustic Instrumental F 73 x Melodic Rock Track nacking A A x 2. Rock Progressive Ebm x 3. Funky In Em Em 86 x 4.

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