Daddy lumba aben wo ha

By | 31.07.2018

It is so with Aben Wo Ha. It is like a popular slogan which has caught on with the people. Mary Cofie, a mother of four was however vehemently against such songs being played on our airwaves.

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Contrary to the speculation the National Commission on Culture which exercises authority over the music industry in Ghana says that it has no intention of bann ing Aben Wo Ha or any such song currently on the market.

It should be banned!

“Aben Wo Aha” - Daddy Lumba

It should not be banned". Yaw Amoafo, 30, lumbaa music seller was rather surprised about the fuss being raised about the song. There are many designs and colours. Hawkson was of the opinion that if the public did not want any works all the y can do is to show their disdain by refusing to patronise them.

Aben Wo Aha - Daddy Lumba : Free MP3 Download | Free Ziki

Another music shop owner of Kantamanto in Accra, Mr. It is so with Aben Wo Ha. Following the announcement by an Accra FM station last week vaddy it had suspended the playing of Daddy Lumba's newest song titled Aben Wo Ha on that radio station, speculation has gained grounds in many parts of the city that Abe n Wo Ha has dafdy banned.

The survey shows that those who advocate a ban of Aben Wo Ha on radio are predominantly senior citizens who are aged 45 and above while majority of those who do not support a ban are mostly the youth below the age of 40 and a few senior citizens who are still young at heart. It should be banned.

To him, "the song should not be allowed to be hs on our airwaves". Ebow Hawkson, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Culture says that indeed the Commission has no authority to ban any song or any artistic expressio n because the Constitution of Ghana provides for freedom of expression. This particular song is immoral, a recip e for the corruption of our children. Be Your Own Boss Are you interested in making serious money? General News of Thursday, 11 March Source: Everyone of us has his choice".

A survey conducted by Graphic Showbiz this week among a cross-section of the public reveals that while one school w thought holds that the recording should be banned, another abn of thought is vehemently opposed to the song being banned.

Meanwhile, a survey of the music shops in Accra indicate that Aben Wo Ha continues to be the fastest-selling cassette album on the market today.

This article has no comments yet, be the first to comment. It should not be banned" she said. Daaddy authorities must ban it".

‎Aben Wo Aha - Single by Daddy Lumba on Apple Music

My daughters, thank God, won't go in for such a song! John Mante, a retired teacher, was of the strong opinion tha t the song should be banned "because it is simply indecent". Comfort Gyan, 24, also thinks it is rather the noise being made about Aben Wo Ba which is making the song more popular.

He asked, "How can we allow our children to sing such a song and then we turn round to condemn teenage pregnancy? It is so nice.

It is easy to sing, that is why people who do not even understand Twi enjoy the song. In the case of Lumba's Aben Wo Ha, it is because the lyrics are ea sy on the tongue. It is like a popular slogan which has wben on with the people. Now, anybody can string together any immoral words, accompany them with instruments and pass them off as music. A year-old mechanic, Kojo Dadzie of Kokompe however summed it up with "Music is like a piece of cloth.

Mary Cofie, a mother of four was however vehemently against such songs being played on our airwaves. To Nii Adjetey, 25, however, this is the best piece of music to come from Daddy Lumba.

To me, it is a beautiful song that should not be banned".

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