Hon new patch

By | 13.02.2019

The War has Begun! You Gonna Get Owned! To The Front Line!

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Make Your Super Plays Shine! Can't create account self. Goldenveil the Gilded Sellsword has fought in every corner of Newerth for countless banners, crowns, and causes -- none of which he cared about -- and the only constants he's witnessed are death and gold.

Heroes of Newerth - Newdawn - Heroes of Newerth

The Ultimate Totem Wars! This August Alienware Arena! The Joke's On Merrick! Grimm's Crossing New Game Mode: Your Wish Is My Command! All Heroes Free to Play!

Okay, how do you play support succubus?

Not A Single Drop Left! Head down to Hno Stadium today! Kraken rework Added the Immortal Kill Streak. Views View Edit Edit source History.

Balance changes Midwars balance changes Public Beta Test changes. Another nail in the HoN coffin? Songkran Mid Wars added feat. You Gonna Get Owned! Balance changes Public Beta Test changes New hero: Fluffylumps New Ultimate Avatar: Is there a reason to not have a game automatically remake when a player leaves the game early? Songkranstein Added 8-Bit Alt Avatars.

Fayde rework Logger's Hatchet changes. Are You Ready To Rock!?


IS it lagging for everyone? A Big Thank You! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Visual overhaul Forests of Caldavar visual revamp 30 hero models remade Various menu features reworked New Ultimate Avatar: From Heroes of Newerth Wiki.

De-standardized the base Magic Armor values of heroes. Bring Back the old Midwars self. Patch Notes - 4.

Wyvern Rampage Added 2 new Bots: Not sure if anyone still cares, but Limited Edition Avatars Reopen Daily! The Hunt Is On!

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