Hoops 3d viewer

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In particular the scene can be reorganized by color, which is very effective for 2D scenes, or spatially, which tends to be very effective for 3D scenes with large numbers of objects. However this power is achieved through a high degree of parallelization, something that suits the graphics pipeline. The amount of card-driver dependent code in use is reduced. This makes the process of selection for modeling easier. This also involves building and familiarizing yourself with some of the samples.

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The vector primitives are drawn using hidden-line removal, allowing them to be effectively interleaved with the 3D rasterized objects, rather than just being overdrawn. Shader-based fake hidden line creates an effective approximation of a hidden line view. A log file is produced and that can be sent to Tech Soft 3D support.

For many applications, success in this new environment will be partly determined by how well their graphics subsystem is capable of handling large datasets. Isolines and Contour Lines Consider that each vertex in polygon mesh shell represents a real-world value.

Automated performance testing is conducted weekly to hoosp any slowdowns introduced with new development are picked up early in the development process and optimized out as soon as possible.

The right-hand pseudo-code demonstrates how to draw this system explicitly in code. Advanced Hidden Line A number of highly configurable hidden-line algorithms are supported varying from fast shader-based approaches to full analytical hidden-line suitable for large-scale plotting.

Classes are provided for inserting, modifying and querying datums, dimensions, feature control frames, view entities, notes and roughness features. These include configurable hidden line, section boundary and end-cap generation and polygonal clip regions. The following advanced functions require implementation using GPU shaders to be effective. Another effective method takes advantage of the fact that static model can be applied to any scenegraph node and can be applied multiple times in the same scenegraph.

In sheer processing power they are an order magnitude more powerful than the fastest consumer CPUs.

Manipulation of cutting planes in space using manipulation handles Local visibility settings for cut planes so that parts of the scenegraph can be left unaffected by the cut-plane Calculation of polyline cut boundaries and end-cap geometry. A scene graph walk routine will start at the top, examine each viewee and execute the relevant routines depending on what that node represents.

Hoops Visualize Technical Documentation | Tech Soft 3D

This makes the process of selection for modeling easier. This technique works particularly well with randomized point clouds viewef constant frame rate algorithms. To workaround this issue techniques were developed that allowed developers to cache geometry data on the graphics card, alleviating hhoops bottleneck caused by the CPU to GPU bus. Area select leftpolyline select middle and polygon select right. This is fine, but what happens if the system changes slightly — for example imagine planet 1 develops a slight precession wobble while orbiting the star.

The HOOPS Visualize algorithms are optimized to viewwr the amount of redrawing in multi-layer depth peeling and to take advantage of hardware occlusion support if available. If an object is edited so an attribute changes such as color or position it may need to be placed in a different branch of the reorganized scene.

Hoops Visualize Technical Documentation

An option is available to extend this to include regions of a shell — a region viwwer a pre-defined set of triangles within a triangle mesh. The materials represent the most commonly found materials in the engineering and visualization space.

This is particularly effective in saving memory in large architectural, construction and plant hlops. The Material Library consists of two main components:. Both hard viewet and soft touching clashes can be identified, and nearest distance calculations are available to determine whether non-intersecting geometry lies within a specified tolerance — for example electric cabling that has been placed too near a hot pipe.

Bloom mimics the distorting bleed effect seen when viewing a bright light source through a real-world lens.

Not me, can't seem to bring up purely surface part models either. HOOPS Visualize has extensive support for textures and texture mapping including using images for the window background, for decals applying text and logos to surfacesapplying multiple textures to different faces in a shell, environment mapping and zebra striping to visualize surface continuity.

A shader is then a set of instructions that are inserted into fiewer pipeline to define how one part of those operations should occur. The sections cover areas where HOOPS Visualize offers some real benefits to developers of professional software applications looking to offer advanced features for 2D and 3D display and user-interaction.

HOOPS 3D Graphics System - Wikipedia

HOOPS Visualize offers application developers the flexibility to organize all or parts of their scenes in ways which are performance-friendly. In many cases it is desirable to have context-based controls shown in the scene close to the current point of interest.

Multi-threaded routines are available to compare an entire point cloud with the triangle-based data, shading each point appropriately relative to a table of tolerance distances.

Animation of landing gear showing changes in stress hoope a strut.

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