Alter ego game

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A few tips to follow when and if you play: Check out the F. Interesting game, played it for a while and is replayable- unique. Gaming plot is interesting and addictive. I've lost hours playing it.

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It ist fun to play.

Alter Ego (Male version)

Tell others what you think about Alter Ego: Favaro, Dan Fabulich Music: For more information see Download Notice Please fill in the math result and click Download. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat Alter Ego Game Page. So much replay value. For fans and collectors: This game is directly connected to the real life. In this game, you have to live a different character. The questions can be a little strange.

I've lost eto playing it. This adventure game —related article is a stub. Some decisions may cause early death of the character. This is easily the least favorite part of the game for me. The Graphic used in the game is impressive. Alter Ego was available in both male and female versions, each using a different set of experiences. Female Version Activision released Alter Ego: More details about this game can be found on Wikipedia.

If you continue browsing our website you're giving your consent to receive all cookies on this website and from third parties. It's almost as if Views Read Edit View history. Your choices within each of vame dictate how your life will play out, how healthy you will be, and how happy you will be.

After some aged character will get different life options.

During the gaming session, you have to decide how your player will react in the different situation. News Reviews Guides Culture Forums. Abandonware DOS is a free service.

Then, I got kidnapped and had to start the game over. I can more easily form the story into something my own imagination can get hooked on, creating my own mental eog in place of rendered wire frames covered in texture that I may or may not like.

AlterEgo: The Browser-Based Life Simulation Game | Alter Ego

It all adds to the hilarity of the game. This is where the skills tree is presented. Alter Ego - DOS. Did you like it or hate it? Each icon bears a symbol showing what kind of experience it represents for example, a heart denotes an emotional event.

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