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Because right now I don't know how to test it without running macosx or using the iPhone. Tuesday, January 08, 2: I have to say that this is extremely annoying It is a simple and easy to use platform that has millions of users around the world. This game emulator is popular among developers as Android games run on PC smoothly without any disruptions.

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It's a desktop safari simulator. And when I run it, I get the nice Electric Plum iPhone simulation with my current site loaded automatically. It lets you enjoy…. You'll want this even if you're going to add Electric Plum to Visual Studio.

It is free of cost, and you can access it anytime anywhere around the world. This compatible android emulator gives you customized windows app that is either the full window size or in a fixed size for…. It elecrric capable of emulating any platform you can imagine. Here I've left the iPhone as the default choice. Thursday, July 26, 2: This emulator helps you to be a good and efficient app developer.

Power for the Mobile Web

I don't see this under extensions. Good simulator, but doesn't show up the errors during the development of a web page. In order to enjoy the AppeTize. This android emulator supports Windows XP, 7, and 8 with smooth performance. With the help of this iOS emulator, you can easily get all the Apple…. Without that, there's no way to test iPhone and iPad specific websites.

This android emulator is considered as a container that has the capacity to boost to the full Android system.

35 Electric Mobile Studio Alternatives – Top Best Alternatives

This emulator is also compatible with the Windows Just like the other similar emulator it also allows you to enjoy iOS games and application on Windows PC without any limitation.

Its nice to have the option from Visual Studio. Wednesday, November 14, 1: It is more simple, fast and user-friendly as compared to another similar emulator.

Darren, simply create a new site in Web Matrix. However, this iPad emulator does not render the page exactly like an iPad. ARChon android emulator is known as the first emulator that supports the Google Chrome operating system. Tuesday, October 09, 5: Do you want to see stuff like this in VS? I would however love to see this integrated into VS. I always love to see cross platform stuff! A couple of things of note. It is mobole used by developers to test the cross-platform compatibility of iOS apps with Windows platform.

Many thanks for sharing.

This android emulator is considered as a good emulator among developers as it shows the…. From the Elecctric menu, select Add new Hi Mary, sorry you are running into problem with the installation.

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