Customer service clips

By | 02.08.2018

If things ever start to get heated, you should learn how to cope with the stress of customer service. In this scene, Greg is forced to wait at an airport, unnecessarily. For those working in tech support, this is a great training video for customer service reps.

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If things ever start to get heated, you should learn servic to cope with the stress of customer service. About the Author Len Markidan heads up marketing at Groove.

The Five Best Customer Service Videos on the Internet

The protagonist surely overreacts in the scene There are plenty of great customer service videos out there. This nicely animated video offers several phone support tips. These valuable customer service lessons can help you while training new customer service reps, when illustrating a point during a meeting, or even just amuse you after a tough interaction with a customer. That's why most of the videos I selected here revolve around that area.

Let me know what you thought of these in the comments, and please share links to your favorites if I missed any. Most prank calls are just plain annoying.

His explanations are very thorough, making it easy to understand each of his points. When he arrives at the car rental facility only to find that the car he reserved is unavailable, he gets upset — with good reason. The gate attendant would rather stick to the procedure than make the customer happy. When the customer asks for alphabet soup, he expects every single letter to be there. That can mean overriding system rules, when appropriate.

Read his latest posts or follow him on Twitter You might also like:. Userlike - Login Log in to authorize access to your Userlike account. Himanshu June 23, What happened next is an amazing example of taking your customer under your protection.

The Top 10 Customer Service Videos on YouTube

Calling down to room service, Ross ordered a cheeseburger and a Diet Coke. Show customers that you are doing everything in your power to make them happy, and they will have little to complain about.

If you are going to tell customers that you are going to servide something, you better not be saying it just to please them in the short-term. At one point, the service rep falls for his trap.

I'm not too enthusiastic about most free training videos out there.

Finally, he called the local Nordstrom. If you are new won windows 10 operating system and face some issue there then on our website you will learn more about the new feature alarm in windows 10 operating system servicw you will get that how to set alarm windows 10 operating system in easy steps.

Sservice only 40 minutes before he was scheduled to take the stage, James panicked. Matt Abrahams' framework of Approach, Audience, Context, and Structure is mightily helpful for sharpening your messages. He was exhausted and hungry. This scene is a bit rough around the edges, but is ucstomer good to leave out.

But to Grover, the customer is being unreasonable. It shows that the quality of service depends on the fit with the customer. When his order arrived wrong, one Marriott employee, Maria Garcia, made a small gesture that ended up paying off massively in loyalty, goodwill and free press for the company. For those working in tech support, this is a great training video for customer service reps.

The Five Best Customer Service Videos on the Internet

Userlike - 14 Day Free Trial Register a new account, then authorize the application. Often, customer service reps have to use good judgement to make customers happy. Grover is trying to be a great server, but is facing a tough customer. They will get you thinking about how you can make your customers this cjstomer, loyal and eager to share their experiences doing business with you:.

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