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By | 02.08.2018

Deep Freeze now employs the same licensing scheme as other Faronics products. Resolved issue that could result in a Deep Freeze workstation warning dialog in not displaying text correctly if the user is logged in with a non-admin account. This option is selected by default. Resolved compatibility issue with WinMagic SecureDoc encryption software. From the Enterprise Console, the following events can be scheduled:

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Resolved issue where Anti-Executable was partially installed when Faronics Core remotely installed Anti-Executable after Deep Freeze is remotely installed.

No changes—version number change to keep the build number in sync with Deep Freeze Enterprise. Resolved a cosmetic issue in the Status of Next Reboot option. Celebrating 20 years of innovation.

Deep Freeze Standard Release Notes

Resolved an issue where the Server Service would not accept additional connections due to excessive network noise. Resolved issue that could allow a non-administrator user to kill Deep Freeze processes resulting in the icon not being displayed in the system tray and loss of communication with the Enterprise Console the freese would remain Frozen.

TLI Resolved vwrsion issue where, switching between multiple ports in Enterprise Console while workstations are reporting in, the workstations continuing to report to the wrong port after changing the active port. Deep Freeze Loadin tasks dreeze conform to the Faronics Core task behaviour criteria. HXA Resolved an issue where an incorrect warning message was shown when trying to install lower version of Deep Freeze Console.

How do I update Deep Freeze Enterprise to the latest version?

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Deep Freeze Enterprise Feature History

Resolved an issue that could result in very slow installation from the Console in certain circumstances. Please login to your organizations Faronics Labs page to download the latest version of the software, and the most up to date license key available for your organization. However, installation on Vista is not supported by Faronics.

Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations were not reporting status nww to Faronics Core. In an effort to remain versioon, Faronics Anti-Virus will now be powered by a deepp engine that consistently ranks among the highest in the antivirus industry. Resolved issues that could prevent the Deep Freeze icon from being displayed in the System Tray on any machines including Vistaresulting in the computer being unable to be booted into the Thawed state.

Any ongoing installation of Service Pack or other files will be finalized before the task will end. Resolved issue that could cause the Windows login window to fail to appear on certain computers that had Deep Freeze installed. Upgrade Notification Moving forward, post v8.

Some customers requested the ability to Shutdown an idle computer without waiting for the first keyboard and mouse activity — otherwise, the computer may remain on all day. Case Resolved issue where the Deep Freeze Workstation Installer hanged when it failed to write to the registry due to a registry protection software blocking system registry access.

Resolved an issue where the remote Deep Freeze actions do not start if the Windows screensaver was active during logon.

Deep Freeze - Download

Just specify the Configuration Name at the bottom of the interface. The previous limitation of only downloading and applying critical and security updates is now limited to updates downloaded directly from the Microsoft Update Website. Resolved an issue where all Deep Freeze actions show inaccurate failure reason in Task History while running workstations where Deep Freeze was uninstalled.

This method will also update the Configuration Administrator, the Enterprise Console, and any Deep Freeze files workstation dreeze, seeds, or configuration files that are situated in the nrw save location: To increase the size, disable the Cache Window update option in the configuration, restart, and re-enable the option.

Resolved compatibility issue with WinMagic SecureDoc encryption software.

This option is selected by default. We're here to help you in any way possible. Fixes Resolved an issue where a script error occurred while opening the Faronics contact page. Remotely execute an executable file on a computer.

The Auto Login feature was added to the Advanced Maintenance tab. User Defined Groups now have a deeper structure and sub-groups can be created. Changing settings Boot Control settings results in a single formerly multiple confirmation dialogs.

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