Digital elevation data

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Seamless 1" coverage of North America, and near global 3" coverage can be found at rmw. To the best of my knowledge, higher resolution data are still freely available from US , Canadian and Mexican government sites. Terrain models — A tool for natural hazard Mapping.

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Last upload 21 August How would you like to wave your magic wand and find out how far everything is away from you?

At high latitudes the images will appear elongated; this can be corrected by clicking on "Operation" and selecting "Change Projection" and "Change to UTM projection". Smoother results with fewer artefacts should be noticeable, especially in areas of low relief. SRTM data were captured in Februarywhen the snow-laden pine forests that dominate the area would have prevented the penetration of the SRTM radar to ground level. If someone can recover the original x-y-z values from the new product, then that new product can NOT be re-distributed.

Retrieved February 10, While a DSM may be useful for landscape modeling, city modeling and visualization applications, a DTM is often required for flood or drainage modeling, land-use studies, [10] geological applications, and other applications.

August 24 Replaced 4 folders due to remove some line anomalies. This requires both the registration of users, and restrictions on redistribution, to capture the intended use in terms of the GEOSS themes.

But do not know where I can download. Data Quality and Credits.

Digital elevation model

Note that SRTM voids can be patched by clicking on "Operation" and selecting "Patch Missing Data", but note also that this only patches the missing data by interpolating and extrapolating existing data. Retrieved February 20, OpenTopography [31] is a U.

More about hillshading data More about contour lines The processing of the raw data has been done originally for the OpenSnowMap. The extent of coverage eastwards into northern Russia is shown on the coverage map. Perhaps I am biased, but I still believe that for many areas, the dwta available data are still on this site!

5 Free Global DEM Data Sources - Digital Elevation Models - GIS Geography

The following credit must be displayed when using these data: We use cookies to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. HGT files for the whole world can now be downloaded from this site.

Current work in progress Data developed and uploaded in Scotland by Jonathan de Ferranti. It is on my site because it appears to be no longer available from its authors' site. For best results, patching should not be used as a substitute for downloading tiles from this page.

Retrieved from " https: So, the data are not necessarily representative of the ground surface, but the top of whatever is first encountered by the radar.

Yes, in some areas uploaded or updated since July No magic wands necessary. Package Hosting Downloads Support. Quality assessment of high density digital surface model over different land cover classes.

January 2 Added a new km stretch of the Andes, centred on Aconcagua. The main issue with GDEM is artificial trash on the flat sands; areas of medium to high relief are generally well covered by this source. His maps of Alps dugital Pyrenees can be found on his site at http: Enter ROI, define timeline and download for free.

ASIA The Eurasian continent and Australia are now complete at 3" resolution and can be downloaded via the world coverage table. For my general comments about this source, see my detailed review.

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