Energy condenser mod

By | 10.08.2018

Do you already have an account? Check back after a little more than 5 minutes. Plugin Requests ' started by inventorman , Aug 7, I would definitely miss the Swiftwolf's ring.

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Standard Pipes do not have this problem and also do not suck items that are not the target. Should my energy collectors be running even when I'm logged off? But every patch of grass nearby also gets transmuted to Emeralds.

Equivalent Exchange, the mod that adds the Energy Condenser and such, is undergoing a complete rewrite, and this rewrite is included in Tekkit Lite, cohdenser the old version is still in Tekkit Classic. Can you set the target block to nothing and use it to simply condeneer blocks in the world for EMC?

Maximuscr31Nov 13, Slime Spawner While this accessory is equipped it will consume EMC but will spawn slimes and king slimes rarely. RustyMembers 1, 7 25 Log in or Sign up. Why do demon steel bars not stack?

Energy Condenser (ProjectE)

Keep "Drama" posts at a minimum. Put your empty klein star, then put a dirt block in the target slot.

You can't target patches of grass with it, but they do get converted by the AOE if they're in range and on the plane of the face of the block that you right click. Condensers are very useful as the output location of a Quarry. For anyone concerned about what to do with all your excess cobble without the condenser, feed it into recyclers to make scrap, and then use scrap with IC2 energy to make UU Matter. And if condener none of it, why? The Condesner Condenser must have a target block in the target slot top left next to the energy bar.

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It would make a neat add-on to Ars Magica, if your mana regeneration worked by destroying nearby plant life. The only annoyance I have is how you have to "cycle" through things enegry dye color when transmuting on your Minium Stone.

Press your Charge key, then another key. I would definitely miss the Swiftwolf's ring.

ProjectE Mod / (Equivalent Exchange 2 Remake) -

When we played Vanilla minecraft, we had a ridiculous amount of overflow chests. But yeah, I'm excited about the game being more fun without the Magic Box pseudo-cheating tool.

EE2 was the devil for a server owner. Since not condenssr it recently, I find a whole host of other tools and contraptions suddenly coming back into validity. I think all you have to do is assign the items a certain value then when the items put in equals the item you want it gives you one can some plz do this?

The first conversion items to raw EMC happens at a rate of 20 items per second. They're the Boots of the Direwolf.

Energy Condenser thoughts

Any block that does things. Thnx for doing this pm me if you have questions! Yes, my password is: And along with that, Energy Condensers themselves can be replicated to make more than one. Without the ability to convert common items into these rare items, I've noticed that it pushes the search beyond the "adventure" point, where its no longer a fun search but a tedious one because you really want that writing desk darn it, and where are the dang squids?

The spawn point is kept loaded as an optimisation for the first person reconnecting to the server.

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