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Steam Edition is just what you are looking for. I've been in the real world of Aviation since the mid 's and my love of flying which I had to abandant because I reached the age of manatory retirement. I don't get any random crashes normally it does go slightly white saying not responding but leave it alone and its find after a minute or two. I was not going to swap to steam untill i had a big crash too many addons i had to reistal lgold, so i thought give steam edition a go.

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Sorry I am not that impressed - Overpriced - Only acceptable when on offer. The file downloads but flighh airplane does not appear. But overall im pretty satisfied.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Wikipedia

Search for Downloads Use this form to search for downloads and addons including aircraft, scenery and more. Like most FSX enthusiasts I was very much looking forward to Steam coming on board with hopeful thoughts of the stalled Microsoft Flight Simulator X and as like you, they certainly made the industry a welcome improvement but their failure to continue with the outstanding flight sim industry and tremendous improvements that were needed, they entered a disappointed fatal slump.

Is there a version of this that can be played on Xbox or Xbox One? Keep providing planes, scenery and extras like scenery makers, more traffic and some utilities that can be automatically installed. My issue is that although I love playing the FSX Acceleration, lately the game started to freeze up on me despite low settings.

So i have no game, lost my money and no reinstallation. What will make FSX-SE a flight sim to recon with is when they can make an add-on that with a little work could transform FS9 panels and be able to create panels form scratch without having to know how to code. Whilst I agree that the scenery and aircraft are better, there are serious problems with the way it operates.

There's really very little difference between the two, I have both installed on my pc; I also have prepar3d, to be honest none are really that different from each other.

It's stable and the graphics are sharper.

I've added aircraft and scenery. Both my Flifht with the boxed FSX were doing fine until a couple of weeks ago when it started to freeze especially during cruising.

About FSX: Steam Edition

Donald Bailey Tue, 22 Mar I have been researching this game for some time now and I have not found the info I am searching for.

Steam Edition for Takeoff on December 18". Never the less, I still wanted to hang tough and simuator the new kids on the block every benefit the attempt to assist me with the now new FSX problems that I was entertaining.

Most addons developed for the original versions of FSX are compatible with the Steam Edition release. But eventually I got tired of all the crashes and errors.

FSX Insider | About FSX: Steam Edition

Easy and how good is it to be able to download additional planes and scenery? It includes content that was provided with the original FSX: Besides, I think, you could have your pages access more friendly user, it is very difficult for me to access the support page.

Steam Edition is just what you are looking for. A huge amount of bugs have been fixed that have been plaguing users for many years — this makes it so much easier to fly your aircraft without being bogged down by strange errors. Hey, i have a little question It also includes 18 planes, 28 detailed cities, and over 24, airports with a deluxe version featuring 24 aircraft, and 38 cities. When I try this I cannot open the cfg file.

Archived from the original fligbt June 17, I don't want to invested in upgrades if I'm not sure if they will work or not. On the whole I would definately reccomend the swich Cheers Brian garbutt. Train Sim is also victim of stuttering from time to time it doesn't seem to freeze as such but some simulations ECML for example, one of the scenarios just stays stuck ata red signal, for ever seemingly I lose patience after 15 minutes.

Using the free flight mode, I'm amazed at how realistic the atmosphere appears. It looks exactly the same stea me.

Commercial simulators are 5 to 10 times as expensive.

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